Jul 03, 15 2:35pm
Dragon Age is a hell you don't easily escape from. I'm still in it.
winxfan1 Kirvee
Oct 17, 14 4:31am
Hey there. So... You gonna get Tales of Zesteria when it comes out?
Aug 19, 14 7:57am
*vibrates intensely as she waits to be called about her friend taking her to get the game*
Aug 10, 14 11:04am
Mmmm what to do today....continue Abyss enemy data or open Graces and start with that one...
Aug 06, 14 12:56pm
I wonder if the sign of inferiority is when you have to defame another wiki in an attempt to boost your own.
Mar 06, 14 2:31pm
I should make a Symphonia bestiary template...
Feb 23, 14 3:53am
I hope by the time I wake up the wiki will have updated with the proper amount of new pages because I definitely added more than 7 pages...
Sep 13, 13 6:55pm
I missed the East Coast premiere of Korra so now I'm waiting on the West Coast premiere ; w;.
Sep 13, 13 1:52am
Also yay anxiety because I've sent 3 PMs in the last few days and not a single one has received a reply am I hated? Probably.
Sep 13, 13 1:45am
*bleep*ing Wiki templates, how do they work? Coding tables doesn't take this much effort.
Sep 07, 13 4:29am
Now that I have all the main countries of Graces' pages done, time to do the dungeons and the rest of the towns....but later.
Sep 06, 13 6:46pm
*dances*Finally edited my User page! Now it's complete U vU.
Sep 06, 13 4:07am
*rolls around*I'd love to talk more on the forum, but all I really care to talk about is Graces f and well, no one's playing that anymore...
Sep 05, 13 2:06am
It's cute how it still won't let me edit my User page.
Sep 04, 13 11:53pm
Chippy chippy at the missing Graces pages. Should I start overhauling the main characters pages or keep making? Hmm.....
Kirvee blogged
Sep 04, 13 5:02pm

The problem with wanting to write a page about Aston is that other than some canon facts I know, my only real contributing comment to sum it all up is "This man was a horribly shitty father." But that's not really conducive for a Wiki page so hrrrmmm.....
Aug 31, 13 9:01pm
I wanna edit my user page, why is it being a mean butt and not letting me? :
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