You may have remembered me as RoyMarthFireEmblem2, but that was almost a decade ago, lol. How are you? Yes, I had a name change.
I just thought I'd sign this for you. I know we don't really know each other, but we've talked and had fun before in these forums, and I'd thought to say something to you. When I first saw you post a few years ago, you seemed like a real jokester, immature, and a bit of an asshole, but now it seems like you've matured, and I think that's great. Reading from your day after Valentine it seems like you have a girlfriend and you seem happy, and I congratulate you. This may be weird, but I thought you deserved this. And one more thing:

Guestbook signing spree time!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Now I need to fill up extra space...
I have decided to allow you to see something very special- A blessing....
My amazing and gorguess cat GILBERT (Gilby for short)
anywho here he is.....

anyway I got to go or else my bath will get cold
oh yeah
Hello! I'm on my guestbook signing spree day 2! I stopped at 8 yesterday and signed my 1st one for today and your my 10th person i've signed! So...


You have won the 10th person i have signed! As you can see i'm going by 5's and anyone who makes the next one who gets 15 will also get a congrats in their guestbook that i sign. Hope you liked my congrats to my 10th guestbook i signed!

I just hope I don't get some awful disease signing this guestbook....

Watch the shadows for they may be watching you, Enter the Darkness
Yes we shall - we shall bring it back to full potential. Fellow oldie - you got signed by Sim Guy.


Stamped by Ecto5! It's just like old times all over again!

La di daaah~ o3o. Guestbook come back to life!
Jets! Jets! Jets!

Greetings fellow Heroes fan, just adding on to the GD signing madness.


Kirby, just like to say thanks for the dating advice, really helped and we're closer than ever now. We're on talking terms and are seeing eye to eye, not ashamed to admit things we do. Thank YOU. Thanks.

Kirbyking > *
Oh yeah? I hated your guts MORE.

I'm horrible at graphics so I had to steal a picture of your favorite band off of Google.

I hate you you spoiled brat, making me sign your GB again.

So yeah, enjoy the Olympics


a Dude

Your a crazy sonofabitch. You need stick around the USA forum forever. I love you


a Dude

/125 characters my ass...
Hey man how ya doin?
im just signin your guest book so I can get to know more people. I think you can be a pretty nice guy so you should sign my guest book to! haha.
but ya we gotta chat more sometime alright?
Ho ho ho!! Hey, there my little kiddo! I wanna say Have A Merry Christmas!!! So, you've been a good boy on my list and here's it to u! (by the way, you're seemily like a nice guy)

'Happy Holidays'!

Sign back if you find the time!

See ya... ^^;
Hey thanks for signing my guestbook. I dont have a stamp so.. Anyway no cats will die now

Thanks again.
I'm Back and better then ever sure I will join your web site! So I see you like the Jaguars My team is New England Patriots! so Sign my g-book alright man oh and in my g-book anwser this question

Do yuo want to be my neo-brother?
I read your profile. May I have a cookie now

[Insert awesome ascii art or cool stamp in here so that it will meet the length of characters but I can't be bothered to make some ascii art or a cool stamp so you will have to do with this message]

I read your profile! woot Please sign my guestbook in return!!
Signing spree!!!!!!
You have been stamped!

Please sign back!
Hey, Happy Holidays from me!

Kinda late, huh? XD (Ignore the words on the stamps...)