Welcome to my neohome! Here you can find my Nintendo DS/Wii friend codes, my Gamertag, and a little info on me. Last update 11/16/10 WELCOME TO MY NEOHOME!!!


Pokemon diamond FC/name-FC:5369 6873 3626 Name: Gregory

Mario Kart DS FC/name-FC: 047328 543752 Name: KirbyGreg-_-

The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass FC/name-FC: 253536026836 Name: Gregory

SSBB FC/name-FC: 3823-8188-5558 Name: GREG

Xbox Live Gamertag: Glink95

Some info on me: I'm a game enthusiast, I play a wide variety of games, from Nintendo to Halo to PC games and more. I also post on internet forums (like Neoseeker) and have an enjoyable life (unrelated). Thats basically it.

Tell me what you think!Send me a PM and tell me what you think of my neohome!