Cupcake86 KirbyHyrule
May 21, 09 7:02am
    Hey! Thanks for signing my Guest Book!

    Now I shall stamp you! =3

Zachman KirbyHyrule
Jul 23, 08 3:56am
I love Pallys <3 Specially Ret Pallys . I love ripping shit on Night Elf's . FOR THE HORDE!!

Okay rest of this is gonna be nonsense cause I failed to type enough XD.
MrsChrisBreezy21 KirbyHyrule
Jul 21, 08 12:46pm


SonicFire KirbyHyrule
Jul 13, 08 4:53pm

I is not going to die now, right?

Anyhoo, I likez zeh little pink marshmellow known as Kirby too.=]

Of course, we're tied.

flamingtunapictures KirbyHyrule
Jun 2, 08 2:40pm
really nice avatar! i love kirby! my brohter likes link.

skldfjls dkfjlsdkfjsklfjsd klfjlskfjsd klfjls kdjfklsjfkls fjklsfjklsfjslj; this is just for the 125 characters! ahhh alkjsldkfjskldfjsklfjklsfjklfjsklkl!

sign my guestbook please?
Kenshuma KirbyHyrule
Apr 17, 08 11:44am
You just have to strive for it lol
You can do it

Marc KirbyHyrule
Feb 4, 08 9:01am

Hey Kirby I thought I would give ya another GB signage/Stampage.

Get well soon, Bud.
Stewie KirbyHyrule
Jan 28, 08 8:08am
Hey I saw that you signed my Guestbook yes I like Kirby and Mario and Link all of those series and some more and Meta Knight is my favorite out of the Kirby series see you around the forums. (JK)
Marc KirbyHyrule
Jan 27, 08 10:17am
Yo Kirby wuzzup? I enjoyed playing P/D WiFi, we should do it again some time. Be sure to sign my guestbook!

|You've been |
| Stamped '|""";.., ___.
|_..._...______===|= _|__|..., ] |
"(@ )'(@ )""""*|(@ )(@ )*****(@
Spark_Lee Dragonite KirbyHyrule
Dec 26, 07 10:30am
Merry Christmas Kirby!

Hope you had a good day!

Talk to you later