Kirby123 blogged
Mar 20, 09 1:03pm

my gallery

hi ppl im new to making blogs so tell me if i do something stupid.any ways this blog is about my gallery i want ppl to rate it. 1-10 is the ratings and if you like a certain pic than please leave a commet.

here's the link

alright see ya!(if you don't leave a commet i will destroy the internet!!!)

i will stamp your guest book if you commet.

amara su love hina musingsthoughts

Responses (5)

1 thumbs!
Kirby123 Mar 25, 09
how come no one is posting?
-1 thumbs!
The unkoun girl Apr 3, 09
I am.
On 1-10......
Perfect 10!
-1 thumbs!
RHJ44 Apr 21, 09
i give you a ten, i like your anime pictures!!!!
0 thumbs!
MasterZX Jul 20, 09
My rating: 6 1/2 out of 10.5
-1 thumbs!
The Champion Maniac Jul 27, 09
I like it all.It is good.
I would rate on a scale from 1-10:11!!!
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