Zeta Kirby Kun
Jul 14, 08 3:15pm
Hey Chuy ^^ I am signing because you are STILL a graet Kirby brawler and an awesome friend ^^

Feelin' Cold Yet?
TDL12344 Kirby Kun
Jul 14, 08 12:24am
Since you are such a good boy and came back to neo I am going to sign you again with my new stamp =3

TDL12344 Kirby Kun
Jul 1, 08 6:42am

Chuy get your but back on neo and stay here! TT~TT I miss you a lot my first friend and first best friend and I really miss you

Please come back and stay. It is really sad with out you being here.
Princess Midna Kirby Kun
Jun 6, 08 6:56pm
You come back... only to not come back... at least i have beaten you once so i wont go crazy...

Oh... I now have a stamp... WITH TOONS
Riku13 Kirby Kun
Apr 25, 08 3:37am
It has been great participating with you in MoS. This is the first stamp I have ever created thanks to you. Hopefully someday I'll beat you.
Pokemonmaster911 Kirby Kun
Apr 17, 08 12:06pm

yep thats me lol
this Ike looks lik the one in my banner
oh yea ima beat u someday
My Greatest Rival
Brawl you later
Princess Midna Kirby Kun
Apr 16, 08 11:20pm
One day, Toon Link will eat and chew up that little pink marshmellow of yours...and he shall cough it back up,sending it into space far from the Final Destination ^-^

I dont have a toonie stamp yet but...hopefully this counts

Petdiams Kirby Kun
Apr 16, 08 12:52am
Congratulations on wining the March of Swords Championship Kirby Kun! Here have a present:

See you on the forum!!!
TDL12344 Kirby Kun
Apr 16, 08 12:39am

Run chuy run! Wario is going to eat kirby!!! This was the special one. Here you go, one of my best friends on neo (//.-) Emo Toon Link says hi. Congrates for winning the tourney!
Kenshuma Kirby Kun
Apr 15, 08 4:22am
You sign mine, I sign yours lol