Hey Chuy ^^ I am signing because you are STILL a graet Kirby brawler and an awesome friend ^^

Feelin' Cold Yet?
Since you are such a good boy and came back to neo I am going to sign you again with my new stamp =3


Chuy get your but back on neo and stay here! TT~TT I miss you a lot my first friend and first best friend and I really miss you

Please come back and stay. It is really sad with out you being here.
You come back... only to not come back... at least i have beaten you once so i wont go crazy...

Oh... I now have a stamp... WITH TOONS
It has been great participating with you in MoS. This is the first stamp I have ever created thanks to you. Hopefully someday I'll beat you.

yep thats me lol
this Ike looks lik the one in my banner
oh yea ima beat u someday
My Greatest Rival
Brawl you later
One day, Toon Link will eat and chew up that little pink marshmellow of yours...and he shall cough it back up,sending it into space far from the Final Destination ^-^

I dont have a toonie stamp yet but...hopefully this counts

Congratulations on wining the March of Swords Championship Kirby Kun! Here have a present:

See you on the forum!!!

Run chuy run! Wario is going to eat kirby!!! This was the special one. Here you go, one of my best friends on neo (//.-) Emo Toon Link says hi. Congrates for winning the tourney!
You sign mine, I sign yours lol