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May 28, 16 10:10am

Now before you assume whats going on please realize iIve done hours of research on google. It's all the same stuff. Chang

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Apr 26, 16 8:09am

It's kind of sad that this sort of thing even has to be confirmed, but Vault Hunters will be pleased to know that there are more adventures in Pandora coming. GearBox CEO Randy Pitchford confirmed at PAX East over the weekend that there's obviously a...

Jan 21, 16 8:28am
I'm so booooooorrrrreeeeeeeeeeed....
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Jan 21, 16 8:19am

I find this to be extremely annoying. I'll be in combat or trying to walk past an object/down a narrow area and the camer

Feb 12, 15 9:16pm
I hope MH4U is as tough as people make it out to be >:3
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Nov 10, 14 10:20am

So YTV is giving free demo codes away. I just thought i'd be nice and let everybody have a chance to try it and get a Fre

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Sep 28, 14 6:42pm

For dex purposes and to breed ivs for a friend

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Sep 26, 14 10:57am

Idk if theres like a trading post like this but i think there should be, where you can setup trade evolutions. anyways i basi

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Sep 22, 14 2:22pm

Idk if this is true. but.. i read up somewhere that some people might be making servers for MH3. it was supposed to be at thi

Sep 19, 14 9:01pm
Anybody interested in trading pokes just pm me :3
May 1, 14 10:17pm
Nether is so much fun .-. but prolly hit Tera up once Reaper comes out
Mar 28, 14 9:28am
I had a dream about Kirin shooting shit with electricity .-. only kirin was black ;-; MH4 i need you ;-;
Dec 2, 13 7:42pm
So I guess there's a Kirin Subspecies in MH4. at least that's what I'm told... ERMERFERGINGERD
Oct 1, 13 10:32am
May 10, 13 10:43pm
It's my time to shine on MH3U. I'll have a WiiU very soon >:}
Apr 26, 13 12:17am
So long online MH3 i will miss you.
Feb 1, 13 3:17pm
hr 200+ WHAT UP!
Oct 25, 12 11:43pm
hr 140+
Oct 13, 12 4:03pm
MH3 HR131 Kirago
Sep 24, 12 11:16pm
MH3, Kirago HR 119, Clan Leader of Redemption

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