Nether is so much fun .-. but prolly hit Tera up once Reaper comes out
I had a dream about Kirin shooting shit with electricity .-. only kirin was black ;-; MH4 i need you ;-;
So I guess there's a Kirin Subspecies in MH4. at least that's what I'm told... ERMERFERGINGERD
It's my time to shine on MH3U. I'll have a WiiU very soon >:}
So long online MH3 i will miss you.
hr 200+ WHAT UP!
MH3 HR131 Kirago
MH3, Kirago HR 119, Clan Leader of Redemption
Hr 69 mh3 na server normally valor 4 cg8 Kirago is the name going to get a new psp...LOLOLOLZ mh im coming back for you...
i soloed to hr5 8* guild quests mhf and moved on to mhf2, but then i dropped my psp and the inner screen shattered... T-T
do you like waffles? yes we like waffles
monster hunter freedom hr3 baby lmao
i wash windows.... its good money... avg 20 windows- house... $3 a pane... do the math
me gusto el queso

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