I'm new to this site and I kneed to know how to do some stuff, like get it to where I can go straight to lets say Rune Factory. and get friends put on my page.
I don't think I've ever signed your guestbook. In fact, this is probably the first time I've signed a guestbook in about 3 years on here. D:

So, here it goes (excuse my rustiness):


A couple of years back, I used to get you and U_Turn mixed up sooo often it was a bit unhealthy. I always thought you two had similar posting styles (there's a fun pointless fact for you). I've always enjoyed your artwork too, particularly when you actively changed your signature. I hope you're still using Photoshop today!

At this point, you're probably thinking "wtf? he hasn't even put a picture in my guestbook!" Fear not, here's a picture of me in my garden yesterday, enjoying the bubbles:

hughugkisskiss EricF
Hey, thought id drop by and say thanks for the congrates you gave me!

your a great asset to the paranormal and dreams forum and hope you stick around for many times to come!

thought id stamp you to to show my thanks!

Hi! came by to stamp your guestbook since you have The Paranormal forum in your favorites. Its great to see that I'm not the only one out there that has interest in the paranormal . So what's your favorite Paranormal subject? You can answer in the guestbook comment box or the forum all along

Hope to see you in the Paranormal Forum soon .
Hello there Night Fury,

I just wanted to wish you the best holiday every and the best of luck with the upcoming new year. I made this stamp specially for you and I hope it brightens up your day! Have a great one pal and can't wait to see you further contribute in the paranormal forum.

Be Safe,
So to comply with my new stamp, I saw it fit to go on a little signing spree, leaving my mark on every GuestBook that I please(namely my NeoFriends).

You've Been...

Hope to run into you in a random GD one of these days...|;}D
Hey so you know that E-mail you got and posted it in loungin? Well I kind of started to think about Gorey murders and stuff and I thought I should sign your Guest Book before you get killed.

twas Niceth Knowingith you.
Haha i knew you couldn't stay away king Your backkkK!!!!!!

Holy shit 6'7" is huge, you're like a monster.

Anyway yeah hi and all, gg on having that awesome running man avatar and your variations to it are always very cool. ;3
Enjoy Lucario's presence!!

He brought his brother!
Now sign back or Lucario wll be angry....
Just thought I'd drop by and sign your guestbook.


Have a good one!
Just dropping by to say hey and to show off my first stamp evar.

Have a good one.
Here is my newest stamp.

And my second newest:

WOW! Big difference, eh? Can you believe I made both of those from scratch. >.>

My favorite Eureka Seven Stamp...:

And all the rest:

A random signing for you. I see you around Loungin' quite often, which... umm... is cool? Hope to be friends, you seem like an alright guy.

Edit: Meant to sign yours, accidentally signed this at first.

Have A happy 4th of july and explosive one too

Ya have just been stamped...

I'm basically signing everyone's guestbook that posted in the Guestbook thread in Loungin', and you just happen to be one of my victims. I just want to say Hello. Maybe I'll see you around some more. ^___^
hi m8! how ya doing! hope everythings fine! keep it up!

see ya in forum

hey, i'm goin on a sign'n spree, na dur my first.

i think ur stick people pics r awesome (saw one in js1sttwin's guest book that was sweet)

sorry i don't have a stamp. Need to make one
Hey King_X2 How are you we haven't talked to each other in a while.

I got 4 new stamps so I decided to go on a signing spree and start using them. sign back if you want.

I like your bio. You really do have Chuck Norris DNA, don't you?

Thats incredible.

Tell Chuck Norris I said "Hi." :3

just giving you a quick sign because your a pretty funny guy and i like funny people

STAMP!!! by greatness

Hi, Its ConkerASkyJockey06, I see you around... but the place I see you the most is in the dumpster.

Where's my cookie?


Sorry these are of such low quality...

My Photoshop CS broke. >.<

Alright, here we go!:

Newer stamps:

My older stamps:

Hey King. Thatnks for signing and here's a crappy stamp to make everyone else's look good.

See you around the SM64 forums.