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I never thought a Canadian could be so stingy...maybe I'll take back my comment! read more

You know, I think we could all take a leaf out of Canada's book.
Just because someone is tattooed from head to toe doesn't mean they're a monster. Stop being so damn judgemental, Utah.
This could be PARADISE...
In the night the stormy night she'll close her eyes, in the night the stormy night away she'd fly...
And so lying underneath those stormy skies she'd say, "oh, ohohohoh I know the sun must set to rise".
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Thank you sir! I hope the same for you as well. read more

So Damn Happy: A History:
Playing Spyro the Dragon for the PlayStation 1 makes me so damn happy.
The day I will no longer be so damn happy is when I get shot with a bullet that's so damn lethal and I'm so damn dead.

K well I'm not buying this then. Complete bullshit. Maybe when I have like $1000 just laying around I will. read more

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You know, it's alright to be so damn angry. Or even so damn sad. Just as long as you don't forget how to be so damn happy.
Experts recommend a serving of so damn happy every day.
Just found out a new girl I met already has a boyfriend. Still so damn happy.
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Why just stop at happy? Why not be so damn happy instead?
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