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You don't know that...

I feel all emotions just like everyone else but when I start feeling down I try to be happy as best as I can. I've had a history of anxiety disorders due to some events in my past so this mindset is pretty much giving the middle finger to all of them. I'm happy in the sense I know how to overcome them now. (: read more

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Kinda. Couple old friends are in town for a few days and that song just came to mind haha read more

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The boys are back in town.

I would play some games on a PS4 for free first before making that decision if it were me. test it out first you know. read more

Well it ain't my fault man. Couldn't get a ticket; it was a sold out show. read more

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Standin' in the rain, with his head hung low...
Nito is the *bleep*ing creepiest boss ever

I wake up kinda pissed every morning actually. It's hard to wake up so damn happy before going to go to drywall at... read more

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty" - Winston Churchill
Whenever I'm sad, and I don't feel like being awesome, I become do damn happy and eat a ham sandwich.
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