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Albus Dumbledore (permabanned)*
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Gabe Newell (permabanned)*
geauxfuhqurself (permabanned)
George Weasley (permabanned)*
The Helix Fossil (permabanned)* ***
Kevin Second (permabanned)*
Kingx2 (permabanned)*
kingx3 (permabanned)*
Kingy [ACTIVE]
King_X2 (permabanned)
N1GGAWATTS (permabanned)* *** ****
Neo Award (permabanned)**
Night Fury (permabanned)*
theoldmanfromscene24 (permabanned)*
Pepperidge Farm (permabanned)*
Princess Celestia [ACTIVE]
The Protector (permabanned)*
r_11_4_06 (permabanned)*
Seeker Neo (permabanned)* ****
shaynez tha Iegend (permabanned)*
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The Sorting Cat (permabanned)*
Spitfire (permabanned)*
squeegee (permabanned)*
Stoop Kid (permabanned)* ***
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Werbenjagermanjensen (permabanned)* ***

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2nd most prolific member on Neoseeker, behind Pogo the Monkey.

I'm so edgy, aren't I? ;P


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Review: Super Smash Bros. Melee - No Wasted Effort

Jun 8, 2007

This game was the next step of Super Smash Brothers, and that step was a big one. Super Smash Bros. Melee had so many additions and fun game play, that you could play for hours into the night. It also had the concept of never giving you boredom;...

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