Already compiling ideas together for the first ep of Kingy Does RCT! So excited. Coming soon to a YouTube near you. ;) kingydoesrct
If only I could grow one more inch and be 6'9".
Easy peasy Japanesey.
It's a beautiful day. :)
It's not about how big you are in the universe. It's how big the universe is within you.
Life is fragile. Carry it the right side up!
I go. You stay. No following.
I am everywhere...and I am nowhere. :)
Huh. So I guess miracles do happen.
A man will search his heart and soul, go searchin' way out there. His peace of mind he knows he'll find but where, oh Lord, Lord where?
You gotta reply more man.
Life is good. :)
Happy Holidays, Neoseeker! :)

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