Jan 4, 17 10:41am
I have nothing left to say.
Dec 24, 16 8:17pm
It's a wonderful life. :)
Dec 10, 16 5:38pm
They say a champion is born at the lowest time in his life. I sure hope that's true.
Dec 4, 16 7:57am
Single again. Welp, maybe next time.
Kingy shared a forum thread
Nov 19, 16 11:26am

The story continues... Everyone cool with the thread titles being like the order of a story? I think it would suit the for

Nov 18, 16 4:39pm
My.posthistory says I have made 40,000 posts when my posts count says 30,000...don't tell me I've spammed 10,000 times?!
Nov 11, 16 7:58pm
May or may not enjoys having pedicures.
Nov 10, 16 6:59pm
Trump enthusiastically supports space exploration. Huh. I did not know that. Welp, good on him.
Nov 5, 16 5:40pm
Kingy shared a forum thread
Oct 21, 16 3:24pm

So yeah...this thing exists: Any math guys out there who are

Sep 30, 16 11:44am
Learn from the past, prepare for the future, but live in the moment.
Sep 15, 16 4:03pm
I thought I'd never love a novel series again after Harry Potter ended. Then I found The Dark Tower by Stephen King. I absolutely dig it.
Jul 23, 16 12:57pm
A true joy of writing is when your characters move beyond the page and into your heart, as though they are living, breathing forms of life.
Kingy shared a forum thread
Jul 8, 16 1:26am

Obviously nobody has yet, but far along are you? :) So far, I have a Charmander, Paras, two Eevees, Ponyta, Diglett, and Pidg

Jul 6, 16 8:00pm
It's go time. POKÉMON GO time.
Kingy shared a forum thread
Jul 4, 16 3:56pm

Since nobody made a threat yet. :P Despite all the crappie that has happened over the past several years that has brought

Jun 27, 16 10:30am
Why are people obsessed with using the word "fam"? Has everyone suddenly become a cholo?
Jun 21, 16 5:34pm
So now that I'm in the 30K club...where's my supermod tag? :D
Kingy shared a forum thread
Jun 21, 16 4:20pm

As of this post, I have hit 30,000 in total, a feat I never could have imagined happening when I first joined. When I joined,

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