Kingy blogged
Aug 6, 16 2:53pm

This is a test post, just to make sure my blog still works. I'm going to be uploading some posts sometime in the near future, so stick around! :)
Jul 30, 16 2:28am
I am wholeheartedly convinced that nothing in this world motivates the human spirit more than love.
Jul 23, 16 12:57pm
A true joy of writing is when your characters move beyond the page and into your heart, as though they are living, breathing forms of life.
Kingy shared a forum thread
Jul 8, 16 1:26am

Obviously nobody has yet, but far along are you? :) So far, I have a Charmander, Paras, two Eevees, Ponyta, Diglett, and Pidg

Jul 6, 16 8:00pm
It's go time. POKÉMON GO time.
Kingy shared a forum thread
Jul 4, 16 3:56pm

Since nobody made a threat yet. :P Despite all the crappie that has happened over the past several years that has brought

Jun 30, 16 7:11pm
Rain! Glorious rain! :D
Jun 27, 16 10:30am
Why are people obsessed with using the word "fam"? Has everyone suddenly become a cholo?
Jun 21, 16 5:34pm
So now that I'm in the 30K club...where's my supermod tag? :D
Kingy shared a forum thread
Jun 21, 16 4:20pm

As of this post, I have hit 30,000 in total, a feat I never could have imagined happening when I first joined. When I joined,

Kingy shared a forum thread
Jun 21, 16 10:11am

-Mexican tap water -Sleepovers with Hannibal Lecter -@Bruce's video game advice -Taco Bell after midnight

Kingy shared a forum thread
Jun 21, 16 12:14am

Who would you Neoseeker and chill with? :_dragoniteballz: @Tommy Vercetti@ and @Strawberryclock come to mind first and forem

Kingy shared a forum thread
Jun 20, 16 6:23pm

Moderators. They come and go, some more quickly than others, but they are always remembered. Their contributions are not alwa

Kingy shared a forum thread
Jun 20, 16 11:20am

I don't know what the heck is going on, but it's insanely hot in the western United States right now and it's not

Jun 13, 16 9:25pm
Still running. :D
Kingy shared a forum thread
Jun 12, 16 9:18pm

...and then there are GENIUS ones: http://i67.

Kingy shared a forum thread
Jun 9, 16 3:35pm

A) Where is the line drawn that decides what belongs in Loungin' and what belongs somewhere else? B) Literally everythi

Kingy shared a forum thread
Jun 7, 16 10:45am

I've played a lot of horror games over the years, as well as watched hundreds of gameplay videos of horror hames, and I&a

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