My Neo-friends: Darkshadowglaceon-I cant beleive i forgot her! She was awesome to talk to. I used was because she left Neo, like, last year. Even though its not gonna happen, i half hope she comes back. 1st Neo wife. ~~ Dramon Killer94-One of my Neo-Brothers, and a good Fanfiction writer. Left Neo awhile back. ~~ Dark Missingno13-Well... Where to begin?! We met a while back, and now we're best Neofriends! Good ol' DM13... He hasnt PMed me for a while. >:( ~~ Lin Keui Swampert-The leader of the clan Sprite Fusion Clan, which i'm a part of. He loves Swampert as do I. Computer is "broke", I think he was looking for an excuse to leave Neoseeker. ~~ ISkitty-The first person I met on Neo, though we don't talk too much anymore. ~~ Super Pikachu-He likes Pikachu. A lot. LOT. lol. Don't to talk much, anymore. ~~ XxKayleexX-A girl i used to be Neo-Married to. It didn't work out. We still talk, though. 2nd Neo wife. ~~ Pikachu 2008-A girl I met. She's nice. ~~ skitty_2007-Another girl I met. She's Pikachu 2008's sister irl. She's my 3rd Neo wife. ~~ Bitter Sweet-Formerly known as Ninetales Team, one of my best neo-friends. Also a girl. Dont talk to much. ~~ ivysaurtriad-One of my newest neofriend, and [secret]her favorite pokemon...*makes sure no ones eavs dropping* is in her neoname!! Don't tell anyone... but i think its triad!!![/secret] ~~ Harvestgoddess99-I've known her for a while, but she isn't returning my PMs. ~~ Bluepikky24- My newest neofriend, again, even though we've be talking for ages. Another one of my best friends! He is in Secrets of the Ledengdaries II with me and HG99. Did i metion that we're accepting new members? ~~ narutogirl321-Not officaly neofriends, but we do PM each other. Does that count? ~~ If you consider me a friend and you're not posted here, PM me! Even if we're not Neo-friends, PM me to talk. I NEVER say no to a conversation! And who knows, we might become Neo-friends and I'll get to add you here!