hey i was just thinking about my past and i thought of neo and realized how much i missed everyone here, then i realized that i really didnt talk to many ppl but u, which is odd cuz i remember a lot of other ppl from the rps but mostly you. i figure i might stay on here longer than a few days this time so maybe ttyl
Piplupgal Kingdom Hearts Crazy
Aug 14, 08 3:11pm
hi, long time no see well




From PG
oh wow i love your sig its sooo sweet i didn't know you changed it and i wish i would have looked sooner but im an idiot and a stubborn one at that! oh well...ttyl
Kixxy Kingdom Hearts Crazy
Sep 05, 07 3:53am
yea...that was tari who signed that..ok its really me this time...i promise..so um whats up and uh i guess thats it. i'll talk to later hopefully.

bye bye
I got 4 new stamps so I decided to go on a signing spree and start using them okay sign back if you want.

Kent Kingdom Hearts Crazy
Apr 03, 07 1:02am
[quote]Can we be Neofriends

babe why won't you believe me? if i say i didn't say it, i didn't say it!! plz answer back. <3 ya babe. hope you can ever forgive that hacker for saying stuff, little kitty kat
PIKAPIKA910 Kingdom Hearts Crazy
Mar 24, 07 8:49pm

Yes, I know, it sucks, but hey, I tried. Rate it, hate it, I dun care. Sign back, bitch! =D
hello, I play kairi on the rp in kingdom hearts two just figured i'd sign your gb. 'till our computers crash, love ya always, little kitty kat
hey whats up? I got a new stamp well you already know but anyway I just wanted to say thanks for telling me which one you thought was better

oh and I was bored so I made another one here I'll show you

Do you like it?

Taillow Kingdom Hearts Crazy
Feb 12, 07 6:00am

glad to have you in the rp. good luck in your quest Sora!
ruki123 Kingdom Hearts Crazy
Jan 24, 07 11:29pm
ok i will sign your guest book . i am ruki123 i'm the best gamer there ever was ever is and ever will be . mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah aha ahabaha
king rock Kingdom Hearts Crazy
Jan 12, 07 1:38am
hi i gust got my stamp and your up for the riddle
Taillow Kingdom Hearts Crazy
Jan 11, 07 3:14am
Here ya go!

Xaldin Kingdom Hearts Crazy
Jan 07, 07 11:05pm
I am here today to sign your GB out of boredom. Have a nice day.

Hey Kingdom Hearts Crazy I found out how to get a stamp PM me if you want to know how
hey,... hope you get/feel better soon and every thing....goes ok,.. and also happy holidays hope you have an ok christmas

...and if you want can you sign back please:_phantom:
Hi! I've been meaning to sign for absolutley ages but haven't goten round to it. Any who...POTATOS ARE GOOD! Just thought that I ahoud say tat...Anyway Bye!
Big_Burta Kingdom Hearts Crazy
Dec 15, 06 6:35am
He, KHC! I've been seeing you around the KH2 forum a lot lately, and you seem really depressed. I'm sorry that it's really hard for you right now. Don't worry; it will get better if you want it to get better, I swear! You just have to be grateful for what you have and think about things that make you feel good. If you ever want to talk about anything, PM me!

P.S. I'd like to get to know you better and become Neofriends! Bye.
Sungod Okami Kingdom Hearts Crazy
Dec 11, 06 12:46am
Here is my signature:

If you like action games similar to Kingdom Hearts, try out Drakengard. It's made by the same company and has the same basic combat flow, plus awesome graphics and an epic storyline. Since it was made a few years ago, it might be a little hard to find, but you could try www.Amazon.com or another shopping site to find it. I see I'm the first to sign your GuestBook, sign back if you like.

~ Sungod ~