I've been gone for about 5 years, and 2 weeks ago I finally remembered NEO and came back. I was posting hundreds of posts

Does anyone actually get kinda upset when a certain Pokemon evolves, even though you could just as easily go catch another on

It's only been 2015 for 2 hours, and my year has started off going to _$#!T_. Anyone having a horrible start of the year?

Exactly what the subject says.. I haven't been able to find any happiness in weeks.

Basically, the only thing I know how to do is play through the story mode of any pokemon game in existence. I was wondering i

I know that sounds confusing by the title, but I will explain it here.. What I basically mean is some people l

Has anyone heard of the app called Quiz up? I know it's on all apple devices, but I'm not sure about Google Play.

Merry Christmas Everyone! I got car parts and coal.. What did you get for Christmas?

Title explains it all.. What has happened to you, to make you think you've been on Neo for too long. I know I've b

I was thinking about starting a Blog thing or whatever, so I suppose I'll start here on my own Wall.. Try to see if I can bring up something interesting that happened during the day or anyhting..

I have been on and off for a while now, wondering if it's really worth buying a PS4, or not. Can anyone give me some opin

Hey all. I was thinking about this, and maybe it could be fun.. All you have to do is make up a sentence that makes sense

Well, it's 10 days until Christmas. Does anyone ever travel for their holiday? Maybe to see family or just go somewhere p

I've been thinking about this one, and although, there has been very little, yet amazing preview something pointing towar

What exactly is N+? It wasn't around when I used to come here alot.

Sp, does anyone have a reason as to why all three characters (Sora, Donald, and Goofy) summon their beginning weapons instead

Which AS is the hardest for you, IYO, and what would be good, Keyblades, Levels, Abilities, and what not to use against each

Hey all. I had just thought of this. Do you think they will be making a Mystery Dungeon game that would involve obviously al

Where are all my old friends???
6 Years into this Site, and finally found my way back in =] All old Friends PM me

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