Should I leave Neoseeker? I'm not being much help to anything..

Y'know? I really only made this thread because well, I just would like to have friends, I can talk to. Even, if it's

All of my fellow fusion contestants. Where you go? Why you no submit entries I Cri
Sorry, for all this inactivity.. I've just been so busy as of late, but I miss you all <3
You wanna be noticed on Neoseeker? Start a game thread, Everyone Pings you
I wish I could see her... It's a certain touch I crave, that I've been missing.. And I can't have it.

Now, with a website as popular as this one has become, how come there is no functioning App from the Play Store and App store

Well, that puts a downer in your day.
Got stood up again.. Is there something wrong with me? I don't get it

I don't know about you, but I can not stand this game out of all of them. I hate how you lose Donald and Goofy (Kinda) I

As we all know, Leonard Nimoy passed away yesterday due to his COPD. If you don't know what it is, I'd suggest lookin

That moment when someone backs out of something due to busiest but you see them all over the same area anyway
Two Mafia game down, and now I can just sit and watch =[ Crap

I think it's been a while since one of these was around, so I thought maybe one was needed. @ShinyMilotic and @Ciel Phant

That site really just sucks.. No one ever matches with you, and even if some slight chance they do, they never answer. Wha

I've been gone for about 5 years, and 2 weeks ago I finally remembered NEO and came back. I was posting hundreds of posts

Does anyone actually get kinda upset when a certain Pokemon evolves, even though you could just as easily go catch another on

It's only been 2015 for 2 hours, and my year has started off going to _$#!T_. Anyone having a horrible start of the year?

Exactly what the subject says.. I haven't been able to find any happiness in weeks.

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