looool what happened to tna and why is bobby lashley the champ now lord have mercy ???

do you think people take this site way too seriously? where's the fun and games the jokes and the laughs??

a man is currently holding hostages at a cafe in sydney more on this story as soon as I get it

I'm partial to a fry up and a bottle of lucozade how about you?

what was ur fav cartoon growing up or even now I don't care? I enjoyed beyblade growing up that was a good show lol

do you dabble in a bit of bowling? or do you enjoy a spot of baseball? pls what is ur fav sport?

or are the people using money to do evil things the root of all evil? hmm

What came first, the _Chicken_ or the _Egg_? @Khushrenada @chocolate110 @Verotten @Aurigae @koolkat @Kellan @stu @B


what do you prefer?? do you own one or both?

do you celebrate christmas or is your evil religion against it or are you just a grinch? what is the standard christmas da

basically say the first wrestling related thing that comes to your head eg. I say hulk hogan you say nwo someone else says

pls continue the story with a line at a time john cena is at walmart

will it be good? r u watching? will it ever beat the tag team tlc match? probably not

pls show me what you think is a proper masterpiece inb4 chris masters lol

during raw ambrose accidentally clapped wyatt in the head with a chair that he chucked in the ring and everyone at wwe is wor

but first you have to chop off your left hand do you do it?


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