are you a lurker? why not join the community instead of watching from a far I'm just interested to know why people

what are your thoughts on all this plane incidents does it put you off flying any time soon do you not give a shit

--Quote-- Regarding Triple H’s sarcastic promo on Monday’s RAW about venting on social media and threatening t

do you drive a car? if so what car do you drive?

like cm punk not actual pipes blowing up haha lmao omg have you ever pulled off a pipe bomb? in public or private i don

do you watch cartoons and stuff? i know stewie probably watches all them japanese cartoons what do you watch pal?

what's ur avatar about and why did you choose it?

technical? hardcore? ladder? cage? tag? etc etc etc I like ladder matches how about you?

what is ur earliest memory of watching wrestling that you can remember anyway lol i for one know @stewie will be one of the first qu _2014 Series_ _

on uk tv tonight right now finally yh yh yh sick

how often do you play video games what games do you play?

do you think potheads should be able to buy and smoke weed everywhere in the world yes or no and why?


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