God of all saiyans KingCTTR
Oct 27, 06 2:58am
Since We Are Neo Mates I Might As Well Sign Your Guestbook!

Please Sign Mine.

raymanmaster KingCTTR
Oct 8, 06 2:27am
whats up dude just saying hi to a good cttr player
see ya around and keep up the good work
mellow out man

Bobcat370 KingCTTR
Oct 1, 06 7:28pm
Hello, I'd also like to thank you for making such great forums

I'll give you me picture:

Thats bobcat370-
Pokemon Ball KingCTTR
Aug 24, 06 9:34pm
Thanks for signing my Guest-book,your not that bad at CTTR as well:)

Crash stamp:_oooh: