nice avatar. if you dig the show, give it shout out in the TV forum thread sometime.

see you around

Just a random signing.

See ya round,
Thanks for signing ma guestbook . And no that joke wasn't very funny was it...In return i grant you one sexy stamp .

im only signing because im not sure if your a boy or girl! but nyways cows are only fertile in june! jus to let u know lol! and by the way if you get slapped in the face tonight it was santa!
Your sig says you might kill my cat if I don't sign.

I signed. so please don't kill my cat.
I know the stamp isn't great, but it's the best I could do!

Hello, i saw you on the Football Manager 06 forum, had a look at your profile and guestbook and I saw no signings!

Oh well, youv'e got one now.

See you around!