Civilization IV, let go of my soul. :
is in need of more games.
Skyrim, Revelations and SR3. I am satisfied.
November, go away already.
I have discovered a mildly interesting novel. Nothing about magic or angsty teenage vampires for once.
There should be a law that bans people, who can't use technology, from using them.
So apparently I'm pretty good at writing. Which means my rants are slightly fancier and more poetic than other people's rants.
I hate my phone.
Haha! About bloody time that image got uploaded!

As you can see, I barely post in this blog, mainly because I was bored with it. But this time, I actually feel like ranting here.

Here's the gist of it, I've just found out that almost every girl in my class considers me a freak for being quiet.

See, I've always know that I'm a bit introverted or anti-social and being damn quiet in a class full of strangers (Except for 4 people) should be pretty understandable.
However, the girls in my class does not tolerate quietness and instead of actually trying to speak to me (The guys are doing that instead) they just up and decided I was a freak that should be avoided at all costs.

Usually I don't care about someone badmouthing me behind my back because usually, they've at least tried to speak to me, I have no qualms with that since at least they tried. But, this situation pisses me off. They didn't even try to at least speak with me then they just decided to avoid me and label me a freak. The hell?
Though not all of the girls are doing this to me, 2 of my childhood friends are in the same class as me and they're sticking up for me, huge plus for them there.

Unfortunately, one of my recent friend decided to go with peer pressure. Screw her.

In fact, Screw them all. I know it's still partly my fault for being an introvert and whatnot, but goddammit, at least try before you start labelling me.
I've decided that I'll just play dumb and pretend that I don't know what they've been doing and I've also decided that I won't actively socialize with the girls in my class (Minus the two friends I mentioned earlier) except if it's abso-frickin-lutely necessary.

It's a rash decision though, will have to think it over once I've cooled down, still rather pissed about it right now.

Still, Screw. Them. All.

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COME ON NEO. LET ME UPLOAD THIS ONE DRAWING IT'S NOT EVEN ECCHI. Oh also, screw the girls in my class. That is all.
Driving isn't all that it's cracked up to be.
The sea is overrated, seriously.
Journeying into the depths of boredom was a bit boring tbh.
Nier was great, you pro reviewers suck for saying it sucks, it's beautiful dammit! ;-;
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