the more vilent the better.James Bond rules.Animal crossing is and a piece of [bleep] and if you buy it I will hunt you down and blow it up.


I have a gamecube.I have James Bond AUF and NF.I also have starfox adventures,Jimmey Neatrun and of cource mario kart dash.I hate animal croseing and every other stupid sissy game made.I wrote a review for MK DD and Jimmy Neatron rescue Jet Fusiun.
I also like destroying things.


Rouge Agent ownz all Bond
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Review: Jimmy Neutron: Jet Fusion - hard game

Jan 2, 2004

First of all goddard sounds like a old powerpuff girl narrartor!The levals are long and hard yet fun.1 note:this is a small descripition and you can post in the forum.Jimmy looks like a a n64 graphic dude and goddard looks like Gamecube graphic...

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