Older brother of Bill Braskey. I killed Wolfman Jack with a trident. I have worn a live cobra as a prophylactic, drive an ice-cream truck covered in human skulls, and am probably your REAL father. I've been to the desert a couple times, It's a nice place to get shot at, but I would not want to live (or die) there. I have worked as a Vet Tech, thrown boxes for UPS, done personal security work, and am now in the employ of Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station in Oak Harbor Ohio. I have also spent some time in the service of the United States Army- where I have been to Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Belgium, Ireland, Germany several times, Sicily, Egypt, South Africa, Korea, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and of course Iraq. I've seen plenty of the world (mostly the shitty parts) I would like to see Japan and Ireland again before I die. I'm a sick, demented little man in need of a good therapist. I burned the last one. Currently trying to find a market for healthy, white (or mixed) babies. Orders must be placed 9-14 months in advance, 75K each. Anyone? Who reads these, anyway?


It's a league game, Smokey.

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