Meeting Walking Dead people tomorrow, then heading back home, then back to normal activity.
One day at Universal down, one to go!
Almost in Orlando

Hello everyone. I'm not one that likes to make speeches or get real, but I felt like this was a special occasion. This

Title says it all, really. You get mad at a game, maybe get stuck on a certain level or boss. You get so fed up that you

Here I go. Playing through Pokemon Red... again.

Hello Neoseekers. I am planning on finally picking up X or Y before the other new games come out, and since it has been qu

Here's a little social experiment I've been thinking about recently. I want you to describe yourself to a person t

Besides the obvious Neoseeker visit, what are some of the activities you like to do in your free time? For me, recently: _Ladies:_ Do you like a man with facial

Your boyfriend/girlfriend dumps you. Your dog passes away. The kid in the hallway called you a name. Doesn't matter what

Unfortunately I don't have a very expansive vocabulary, so I can't chime in as I'd like to. :( But I'm sur

So I'm serenading @Rome and @Asyilem@ over Skype right now and it had me thinking: Can anyone in here sing? Don't _Introduction:_ * Welcome to t

Submit your entries to the Neo Dojo header contest!

Or RFS, if you prefer. Gotta keep things classy. ;) I think we need to do a lot more to get this forum going in a proper

Come on guys, let's see your opinions on what direction The Lobby should go! Hello

100 Essential Video Games is here:
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