Jun 08, 16 10:36pm
Let's go Cavs!
Kinetic shared a link
Jun 05, 16 11:57pm

Retro meets modern in this new collaboration by ________. ____ and ____ team up for the first time! Don't wor

Kinetic shared a forum thread
Jun 01, 16 11:35am

Here's how it works. * I choose the first word, the next member has to tell a story from their life relevant to the wo

May 31, 16 4:48am
Go help the new doodz over in the GL achieve their goal of reaching number 1!
Kinetic shared a forum thread
May 31, 16 4:16am

So the night goes on, and what do you know, it's 1 AM and you still aren't asleep! Your stomach growls like mad, and

May 30, 16 9:54am
What would you grade Overwatch so far?
Kinetic shared a link
May 30, 16 9:54am

Hey everyone! Since the game is out I figured I would see what you all think of it so far. Choose the rating that fits abo

May 29, 16 8:26pm
The struggle of finding a job out of the town you live in is so real
Kinetic shared a forum thread
May 28, 16 9:04pm

So I am currently re-playing Leaf Green for the 1,234,2342353th time, and it got me thinking about how I have been consistent

Bruce Kinetic
May 20, 16 11:21am
Kinetic shared a forum thread
May 01, 16 9:11pm

So with my recent life-changing obsession with photography, it has me wondering if any of you have picked up any hobbies as o

Mar 15, 16 4:28pm
Some of my best work yet:
Mar 10, 16 9:51pm
If you get a chance, please go check out my photography portfolio! Just added a new bunch I'm pretty proud of.
Mar 07, 16 9:22pm
Best day in quite a while. Tomorrow, to Charleston!
Mar 03, 16 7:04pm
Thanks for a great first year in the Gaming Lounge, guys <3
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Mar 03, 16 9:39am ] _February 2016_ http://i1277.photobuc

Kinetic shared a forum thread
Mar 02, 16 11:53am

How would you like it if they simplified getting the right nature for your Pokemon? Instead of all of the trouble of hatc

Feb 28, 16 7:21pm
Yes I'm excited for the Oscars and no I don't care that you aren't
Feb 28, 16 4:45pm
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