I'm assuming you have been to The Lobby by now, but if not:

Come and get to know other members of the community.

I'm assuming you have been to The Lobby by now, but if not: http://neo.ly/wCSSMg
Submit your entries to the GL Halloween Header Contest: http://neo.ly/1FgzMhl
In honor of my new re-name change, what's your favorite Neoseeker username?

As an occasional drinker (okay, a little more than that), I have no problem with alcohol. I don't do shots or anything of

Is that you bruin? Is this me?

So a friend of mine can't stand to be complimented. No matter who tells her the compliment, she will just kind of shrug i

Complete Neo style re-do
Rome If I pay for a username change will you change yours?

Title says it all really. What are some items that you have been given or become attached to that you can't bare to lose?

In my continuing attempt to turn this into the Clothes and Fashion forum... http://www.cheap-neckties.com/blog/uploads/Bow

There's a squirrel in my glove

Do you have one? Perhaps you do because you have a pretty regular schedule and it's proven to work? * What time do yo

What events (good or bad) have happened in the past to change your "norm" or life on the whole? I know it's

How much exercise do you put into on a daily (or weekly) basis? I try to walk 2-4 miles or swim for 45 minutes every day.

This is Halloween

How much of a fast food consumer are you? Personally I try to avoid it as much as possible, as most greasy food makes me

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