Dec 31, 16 11:57pm
Happy Birthday 2017!
Dec 25, 16 12:14am
Merry Christmas, Neoseeker!
Dec 21, 16 11:26am
When you're into Fallout 4 again and you don't remember what the sun looks like
Kinetic shared a forum thread
Dec 15, 16 12:36am

I am a huge fan of The Last of Us. I got it on its release a few years back and was blown away from beginning to end. It is o

Dec 4, 16 9:43am
See y'all later! Going to get my body frozen until the 2020 launch of Last of Us II
Nov 27, 16 12:56pm
Sorry for the inactivity guys, still getting everything straight with my new place!
Oct 16, 16 12:40pm
10 years on Neo.. wow. Thanks to all of the awesome people that have helped make this the best forum online and a great 10 years
Oct 7, 16 11:51am
All of my Seekers with me on the US east coast, stay safe during the hurricane!
Kinetic shared a forum thread
Oct 6, 16 1:53pm Looks like another video game to

Kinetic shared a forum thread
Sep 30, 16 9:35am

If you had to get a tattoo related to a video game, what would it be? Personally I plan on getting my Bioshock tattoo re

Kinetic shared a forum thread
Sep 29, 16 11:07am

_J.J. ABRAMS: A PORTAL MOVIE ANNOUNCEMENT IS COMING SOON_ --Quote-- J.J. Abrams has confirmed the Portal and Half Life mov

Kinetic shared a forum thread
Sep 26, 16 9:28am

What or how are you feeling today, GL? Good? Bad? Happy? Sad? Like you need to get something accomplished? Like you

Sep 16, 16 11:21pm
Did you pick up the Bioshock Collection? Be sure to introduce yourself in the forum!
Kinetic shared a forum thread
Sep 16, 16 11:17pm

Hey everyone, Kinetic here Bioshock holds a very special place in my heart for personal reasons and because of that is one

Sep 5, 16 5:12pm
Help Goose!
Kinetic shared a forum thread
Aug 25, 16 3:38pm

It's the battle of the ultimate time-wasting pastimes. Solitaire vs Minesweeper.

Aug 25, 16 12:32am
I'm an eternal flame, baby!
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