* Console? * Game? * Bad gaming experience? * Moment you realized gaming was more than just "fun?" Hey there

Spring Break is approaching, and it's still cold.
Gravity just rocked my world
Forever to thee..

http://media.heraldonline.com/smedia/2015/02/05/14/10/Ef20y.AuSt.6.jpg There was a shooting at the University of South Car

Sit by my side if you love me, do not hasten to bid me adieu. Just remember the Red River Valley, and the one that has loved you so true.
I'd rather feel the earth beneath my feet. Yes I would, if I could, I surely would.

http://coolrom.com/screenshots/gbc/Pokemon%20Blue.jpg So recently I picked up my GameBoy Color and had the urge to go back

So I have been in a very reflective mood lately. Like the "best of the decade so far" thread I made, I figured I wo

What games have defined the decade for you so far? http://neo.ly/1Czwgxp

Did something similar over in the films forum, but I figured it would work just as well here. What are your favorite games (b

Now halfway through the 2010s, I'm curious to see what films all of you have enjoyed so far. So, by year (2010, 2011, etc

Hello all. It's that time of year again. After finally seeing a majority of the major releases from the past year, I h

Sweat home Alabama
Sweat, sweat love

Pretty self explanatory here, what were your top 10 shows of 2014? I'll kick things off with my top 8 (I don't hav

Finally got a printer for my room! Doesn't sound exciting, but it is
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