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Jul 02, 15 10:12pm Last week I saw

Bruce Kinetic
Jul 01, 15 4:48pm
Member of the month...? :o
Jun 28, 15 8:21pm
Pixar marathon. Over the next few days I will be watching them all and rankings favorites
Jun 28, 15 3:01am
Inside Out is the best movie of the year, period
Jun 21, 15 10:14pm
Applying for criminal justice jobs up in the snowy mountains has me thinking:
Jun 17, 15 2:22pm
Big job interview tomorrow!
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Jun 09, 15 9:07am

On the lookout for the pokemon that don't give a f-... Well you get it. If anyone has this little blue bombshell I

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Jun 06, 15 5:08pm

Just simply wondering if any of you have a spare that you'd be willing to trade my way. Trying to get my Lampent to evolv

Kinetic shared a link
Jun 06, 15 9:52am

Good choice @Chimaira@!

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Jun 05, 15 4:32pm

Hello all of you wonderful Pokemon players! I am in search of a Chandelure, or maybe a Litwick that I can train up. Would

Jun 04, 15 6:44pm
Gardobor saves the day:
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Jun 03, 15 5:06pm

Hello all! I'm looking for a Rotom (doesn't really matter what level, but preferably an appropriate nature for Specia

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Jun 01, 15 8:09pm

I've always been a bigger fan of Latias, so I am willing to trade my Latios if anyone is interested. :) Will supply fr

Jun 01, 15 5:30pm
Let's put a smile on that face:
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Jun 01, 15 5:16pm

So things have been a little busy outside of Neo lately as you know, so I felt as if I could use another set of hands to look

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May 27, 15 7:14pm

Hello all! So one of my favorite Pokemon is Smeargle, and thus I am in search of one to add to my competitive team. Of cou

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May 27, 15 10:33am

Yup, that's me. So I feel like I owe you all an apology for my lack of activity over the past two weeks or so. I'm

Bruce Kinetic
May 27, 15 4:01am
Loads of spam in GL :(
May 23, 15 7:01pm
Congratulations to Asyilem on her graduation!
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May 20, 15 4:31pm

So besides gaming, which is obvious, what are some of the other hobbies you partake in? I for one am big into hiking and t

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