Bruce told me to do this
I think you may need to update that status....? :P

If there was an animal that describes you, what would it be, and why? I'm going to leave that to you for now, as I thi

What are some gaming levels that gave you a hell of a time completing? One that sticks out to me was Toxic Tower from Don

In today's video game market, it's rare for any major, successful title to not receive a sequel. There are also s

Hey guys. Been out of town all weekend, will be back home tonight!

_pet peeve_ noun - informal plural noun: pet peeves something that a particular person finds especially annoying.

Short story I wrote today:

So I'm assuming most of us are in school or have recently graduate in the past few years. If not, you can remember pretty _April 9_ - Round 1 | _April 10_ - Round 2 | _April 11_ - Roun

Happy birthday, bluexy! _0-1 | 4th in AL West_ _Starting Lineup:_ * 1. Leonys Ma

First off yeah I know Easter is over. I always have the best ideas too late. :cool:

Hi I'm Brandon and I really don't like jelly beans
Are you a game collector?
Are you a game collector? Collecting is a great hobby. Collecting is a great hobby.

So, we did the major home consoles, so let's go ahead and go through the portables! Most of my gaming has been done on

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