Welcome to my Neohome.

Yes, it is quite bland, isn't it?

Don't worry, I'll hopefully learn to code someday soon and make it spiffy.

So, where do I start?
Well, for starters, you should get to know me. I'm a senior in highschool, an avid gamer, and a MC modder in the making. I love mods, adore them, without them a game would be boring. Though illegal, I obtained the custom edition of Halo:CE, with no campaign maps on it, and after browsing a database for map modders, I pulled up the campaign maps, and now run both the main game and Project Lumoria. ANd that's not all, to this day I am still adding to it. For Christ's sake, the folder itself for the game is at the least 7GB. x_x

Now, you may ask yourself, Kim, why are you saying all of this? And to be honest? I don't know. I feel like I've matured. I'm not that dickhead from years ago, and I'm not some ignorant b-tard who thought he knew everything. I keep my mouth shut and only help if I know how to.
Other than that, yeah. Feel free to PM me about anything, if you want to chat, or anything like that. My Skype is "shadrixian", Facebook is "Clayton Heard" and "Shad Rixian" (PLEASE friend the latter, not the former, unless we are very very close), and other than that, hopefully we'll meet up on a game somewhere. Peace out, guys.