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Sep 12, 09 9:27pm

Remember in the 70's how Journey was one of the top bands? Remember all those fans inherited by the music?

The absence of Steve Perry is considered stupid to most. Steve and Journey both have had the best and worst of times.

My mom once told me that when Journey was first made, they were nothing but an instrumental band. There wasn't any singing involved. Then along came Steve and that voice of his. The band was captured by how he sang each note. Once he showed what he could do, it all started. Journey was on it's way to fame.

Steve Perry helped Journey reach the Top Ten bands in the 70's, and it isn't a wonder why. In my opinion, his voice would sound as if it is one of an angel. The songs he sang produced thousands of teen and adult fans.

Then the band broke up. Journey hit rock bottom again. The band soon realized how much of an effect Steve had on their rankings and recruited him again. Journy was off to start once more in the 80's.

Just as the band had planned to go on tour, Steve was scheduled to have hip surgery. The band didn't want to risk any time over this and kicked him out. In order to make it look like nothing had ever happened, the band recruited a man named Arnel Pineda(excuse the way written, I can't make symbols on this computer) who looked just like Steve, but had a different voice.

Journey hasn't made it to the Top Twenty in the USA at all. It isn't a wonder that it is due to the absence of Steve Perry.

Why would Journey care so much about their schedule, knowing that Steve was the cause of all the fans? Why would the get rid of him and risk all the publicity gained? It is nothing but confusion to all.

What exactly is it to have to lose someone who brought all you gained, and then lose it when the person is gone? You decide from your comments.


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