Thanx for inviting me, Killer - still new here - so tired of filling out what i like on other sites I havent dome that yet. Maybe I'll get Sims 3. Not anytime soon! Stay cool!
i love pain and tortue

my life sucks

every day is miserable and shit

i might as well KILL MYSELF

Just stopping by to say..

Happy holidays gurl. =]
Happy Holidays!

Was a little bored and decided to sign your guestbook.

So here's my post, have a good day and you can chat with me any time.

Cheer up chuck!!

Love Lucy x

p.s. Girls need to be happy So instead of ending your posts with " " end them with " "
Saw that you both like Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto. Pretty cool, as I like 'em too. Came here to sign, and I am goona do so! ^^

*Sign by freak*
Yo dude just thought id pop by and sign your guestbook seing as your a Resident Evil fan (the best game series of all time in my opinion)!!! lol

anyway see ya around dude!!!