Killer15 blogged
Jun 7, 09 11:09pm

Okay, so I've been going through many different forums lately and there is a lot of perverted language/content on here. Back about 4 months ago, neo was not like this. Now is it me or is neoseeker having more and more perverts join every day?

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Killer15 blogged
Jun 5, 09 7:53pm

Okay Guys, today was my last day of school =]
I'm like so happy about this, since I hate that school so much! Summer time is here and it's time for partys, boys, and drama!

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Killer15 blogged
May 28, 09 10:24pm

    Okay, so after long due time, I've decided I will finally make my first post, considering all my other posts in my blog were nonsense. So, just to start this off, what do you all think of me? I'm editing my profile soon and want to add a section of what people say about me. Also, I've seen in many profiles that there are separators for certain areas. I know how their is the Biography separator, but I've noticed many other types. How do I get these?

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Feb 21, 09 7:27am
LOVE IT HarvestMoonDS

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