Has said in title, you can look what I have for trade http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/49446/t1930056-ft-4-5iv-pokemons-added-

I'm looking for some battles to try out my team my IGN is Erick fc on signature

Pokemons that i have for trade: 4IVs: Skarmory: All are female and Impish 31/31/31/xx/xx/31 (x1) sturdy with brave bir

Has said in tittle, I'm looking for other 4iv pokemon that I don't have, feel free to pm me with your offers.

I'm looking for: 4 IV Impish Skarmory 4 IV Timid/Modest Chlorophyll Bulbasaur 4 IV Impish/Relaxed Phanpy 4 IV Timid S

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