Iceguy2003 Kilgore
Feb 4, 07 6:02pm
I noticed where you signed my GB and I never got back to you, my bad. My phone is doing great so far... I'm watching VCast videos on it and the battery life is still great, contrary to reviews I read back then.

If you play any online games, PM me and we can get together sometime and meet up in them. I'll see ya around the hardware forums!
Jay_Z Kilgore
Jul 8, 06 3:06pm
Hey, just thought I should sign your guestbook with my brand new shiny stamp!

Sign back!
XbOxGuru Kilgore
Jul 7, 06 8:04am
Thanks alot, you saved me a trip to the computer experts and a few dollars so you deserve this man. now i must be of to save the day kay bye have fun.
Master of the VG Kilgore
Jun 16, 06 10:17am
I probably should check my guestbook more often than once every blue moon.

Obligitory Image:
N353 Kilgore
May 20, 06 12:42am

Thank you for the signing hehe... and i hope we can talk more soon...

Love Nikki
Greyfriars Kilgore
Sep 27, 03 2:54am
I was just browsing who was online and you were, and you were from Scotland. And there's hardly any Scots on Neo (all these Americans!) so I thought I'd say hi.