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Just a little reminder: You posted that you revealed the first Holiday Raffle Winner on the thread, but never said anything about the others
First winner revealed in the Trading forum holiday raffle!
Enter the Trading forum December holiday weekly and Christmas raffle! http://neo.ly/InFi8Q

http://i.imgur.com/4V29RlJ.png _Purpose_ Now that it's December 1st, I thought it would be a great time for our wonde

I don't know what my Safari is, nor do I know what Pokemon are in it. :( Would love someone to tell me who has Dittos!

After a trip to the dentist, I think I deserve 10 hours of Pokemon
So my copy of X ships the 16th. /sobbing with turkey

Any other Canadian feeling bummed about the fact we won't get our pre-orders until the 15th now? I forgot since we have T

Hey everyone! ^___^ Just looking to dump off my hybrids in exchange for: 2x gold roses 2x white carnation 2x red carn

I thought, since I've been very actively trying to get all my dream villagers, I wondered if anyone was doing the same th

http://i.imgur.com/aM0k9oB.png _Purpose_ Many players have a very difficult time in achieving their dream villagers, whil

My pokemon team in Diamond was named Bitchlee, Alakabitch, and Fat Bitch. Come at me Name Rater.

_Kiffa's Villager Cycling_ ] _FC:_ 2148-9054-8095 _Name:_ Kate _Town:_ Aurora Welcome to my cycling thread! Here

Excited to be moderating the new AC:NL forum! http://neo.ly/18MDnAk Check it out + give me feedback!

Forum for buying, selling and trading neighbors in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Cycling threads and auctions also welcome!

Good morning/afternoon trading community! Today you may have noticed a new link in the trading forum and you may have seen

Welcome to the AC:NL Neighbor Adoption forum! If you have any questions or concerns, regarding policies or have a new idea fo

_The Stalk Market: Prices _http://i40.tinypic.com/24m9xnd.png Welcome to the Stalk Market, the place where players list

And maybe other deer? The only catch is that I am waiting for someone to leave. No one has made the announcement, but when

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