Kiffa shared a forum thread
Oct 18, 14 10:18pm

Hello! ^___^ I'm looking to trade some of my closet items I've been hoarding for my wishes! I trade any hybrid 1:1

Kiffa shared a forum thread
Feb 24, 14 8:28pm

--Quote format-- Username: Character Name: Friend Code - Town Name --End Quote-- _New Leaf:_ http://i77.photobucket

A C Cret Kiffa
Dec 25, 13 2:45pm
Just a little reminder: You posted that you revealed the first Holiday Raffle Winner on the thread, but never said anything about the others
Virtue Kiffa
Dec 8, 13 7:04pm
Dec 8, 13 9:21am
First winner revealed in the Trading forum holiday raffle!
Dec 1, 13 10:25am
Enter the Trading forum December holiday weekly and Christmas raffle!
Kiffa shared a forum thread
Dec 1, 13 10:17am _Purpose_ Now that it's December 1st, I thought it would be a great time for our wonde

Kiffa shared a forum thread
Oct 25, 13 9:46am

I don't know what my Safari is, nor do I know what Pokemon are in it. :( Would love someone to tell me who has Dittos!

Oct 18, 13 10:43am
After a trip to the dentist, I think I deserve 10 hours of Pokemon
Oct 12, 13 12:29pm
So my copy of X ships the 16th. /sobbing with turkey
Kiffa shared a forum thread
Oct 4, 13 8:01pm

Any other Canadian feeling bummed about the fact we won't get our pre-orders until the 15th now? I forgot since we have T

Kiffa shared a forum thread
Oct 2, 13 12:22am

Hey everyone! ^___^ Just looking to dump off my hybrids in exchange for: 2x gold roses 2x white carnation 2x red carn

Kiffa shared a forum thread
Sep 16, 13 7:40pm

I thought, since I've been very actively trying to get all my dream villagers, I wondered if anyone was doing the same th

Kiffa shared a forum thread
Sep 13, 13 11:04am _Purpose_ Many players have a very difficult time in achieving their dream villagers, whil

Sep 12, 13 6:28pm
My pokemon team in Diamond was named Bitchlee, Alakabitch, and Fat Bitch. Come at me Name Rater.
Kiffa shared a forum thread
Sep 10, 13 10:06am

_Kiffa's Villager Cycling_ ] _FC:_ 2148-9054-8095 _Name:_ Kate _Town:_ Aurora Welcome to my cycling thread! Here

Kiffa shared a link
Sep 9, 13 8:27pm
Excited to be moderating the new AC:NL forum! Check it out + give me feedback!

Forum for buying, selling and trading neighbors in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Cycling threads and auctions also welcome!

Kiffa shared a forum thread
Sep 8, 13 12:02pm

Good morning/afternoon trading community! Today you may have noticed a new link in the trading forum and you may have seen

Kiffa shared a forum thread
Sep 8, 13 9:54am

Welcome to the AC:NL Neighbor Adoption forum! If you have any questions or concerns, regarding policies or have a new idea fo

Kiffa shared a forum thread
Sep 5, 13 10:41am

_The Stalk Market: Prices _ Welcome to the Stalk Market, the place where players list

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