Day 2 8:33 am. A couple people woke up here and there from being so uncomfortable. But generally the whole group was asleep. A couple of people that were awake saw Kienen as he pulled out his phone and played an extremely annoying ringtone to wake everyone up. Marquis who was clearly annoyed by this not only showed it in his face but his words. “Why do we have to wake up? We don’t have to worry about anything, it is a zombie apocalypse.” Kienen just ignored what he said. It seemed nothing would faze this guy. In a couple of seconds everyone was awake. Most of them were rubbing their eyes and yawning. Kienen turned off the ring tone. “Come on everyone. Gather around me.” Everyone gathered around Kienen because they were all interested to know what happened yesterday. “So as you guys know one of your fellow members died yesterday. It is a shame really because it means two things. One of you guys are a zombie and we are going to take a vote on who it is. But don’t worry too much because during the night I went exploring and found someone to replace Rob (Krunk). Her name is Judith. Yes that does mean that we have a third female among us. You guys need to all keep your pants on though. Anyways because I can tell all of you guys have questions I will let you ask them right now.” Upon being told they could all ask questions their faces brightened up fast. Kevin (Blaze Dragon) was first person to ask his question. “Where is this girl and how did you find her?” “At night I went up to go look for food and came across her in a store. Apparently she was trying to find a new place to hide because her old place had been overrun by zombies. I told her that she could join our group because we are a bunch of civilized people. The girl will meet up with us after the voting ceremony.” Josh (Kriitic) asked the next question. “You say you have food? Where is it?” With a very calm expression on his face Kienen answered the next question “I will give everyone their meal after we vote for who we kill.” Adam was the next person to ask a question. “You say that Rob is dead but yet we have not even seen his body. Where is it?” “I have not shown you the body because I did not think that any of you wanted to see the body.” Big Bang instantly spoke up. “Let us see the body. We do not know for sure what happened. My medical experience might allow me to tell everyone what happened.” “Very well then follow me.” Kienen led the group to down a corridor. Everyone could start to make out a body lying there. As they approached the body the wounds became visible. Everyone got about a foot away from the body. It looked like whoever had done this had taken the first blow with a heavy weapon like a sledge hammer to his neck. The neck had been split open and crushed to the utmost extreme. You could start to see the spine through the neck that was crushed by the weapon. Another noticeable wound on Rob was it looked like his eye had been peeled out. You could see some of the pieces of the eye but it appeared that whoever had done this had eaten the eye. There were also tons of bite marks all along Rob’s body and it looked like almost all of the blood had been drained out of his body. Whoever had done this had truly been sick. Danny (Storm)