The Preacher Kienenloe
Nov 6, 11 6:17pm
What's the matter man? Why'd you block me? What did I say?

Anyway, You've been a good friend and you've helped me out a shit load of times, so I suppose the least I can do is tell you that I've appreciated all the help and advice you've given me before, and I'm sorry about taking it out on you whenever I was in a pissy and hostile mood. You've been a good friend. I don't know what's going on between you and her, since that's kinda what it's starting to look like, but if it is, and this ends up being the end of us being friends, I at least want to publicly thank you for what you've done for me in the past, and that I've more than greatly appreciated it. I suppose this is the least I could do to show respect for what you've done for me in the past. I hope it doesn't end between us here, and I hope I'm wrong about you telling her stuff. That's not the Kienen I always knew. I don't even know why I'd get suspicions like that, just a tense time I guess because I'm worried about her. Anyway, I told you before that I want to pay you back somehow for what you've done for me, and I guess this is the least I could do. I hope it doesn't end here, Kien. ou're a good guy.
tommex Kienenloe
Jun 14, 09 11:16pm
And so now you're only 2 signings away from your first Guestbook checkpoint.

Man, I haven't signed one of these in years! I might check mine and see if there's been any signings in the 3 years since I checked it last...
Twin_Master Kienenloe
May 5, 09 10:11am
I see you like guestbook signings, despite having very little, so I thought I'd share the fun.

Also, happy 1 year anniversary! I decided to just stamp with the album art of my favourite band.

krunk13 Kienenloe
May 4, 09 8:22pm

Lol, jk you're a cool kid. From this point on the rest of this signing is just to fill the 125 charcter minimum lol