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Nov 10, 10 2:30am

Well I thought it'd be fun to start a little pokemon blog of how things fair in the realm of pokemon.

Well this post won't be too long since I've only got a few things to say.

First off, realized that my Normal Gym team needs some serious revising due to a recent loss. =D As far as training this team goes I've got about 5 new pokemon lined up that I'd like to train for battle.

Next on the list is that despite practically training an entirely new team already for the gym, I'm also beginning training on a multi-type team for overall battling. Yes I know my strategies don't make much sense but I don't want to focus around just one or two things just in case something goes bad. So I'll make my strategies the bad way as some may call it. =D

I'm also going to be drawing a few more pokemon picutres sometime in the near future. As well as I hope to make a few banners and pictures for the guild forums.

Let's see today I've just been raising up one pokemon for the gym. He's got a nice Sp. Att and I've been using him to kill the pokemon around Mt. Silver all by himself since he hit lvl 30. ^.^

Well like I said it's gonna be a short entry right now so I'll get back on here sometime next week and write up another one. =D Don't expect anyone to read this but hey I just feel like writing. ^.^


A little off topic now. I'm having some troubles with some of my programming due to the fact that my teacher refuses to help me because he's a douche bag, and the fact that I can't get a hold of the correct version of the software.

On a good school note though I've got an A in both of my other remaining classes so that should definitely help me out. ; )

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