added GTS as a friend
likes Harvest Moon girl's status update: "Saw a bunch of people lying down in Times Square, thought they were protesting Garner & was impressed cause it's cold. Was a yoga class."
likes Heretic's status update: "Back punks"
changed his custom title to "Mr. 4th quarter"
The Hazard is now known as Kid Clutch
likes Warp's status update: "It's funny how I signed up on Neo when I was in middle school. 10 years later, I'm now a college graduate. Time flies and priorities change."
likes Skye's status update: "hey im done!!!! :)"
likes Skye's status update: "in 7 years some of the best people ive ever met i did it with the help of this website, what is my life"
likes Harvest Moon girl's status update: "Looked at Neo's recent post, saw a thread titled "How to pay off your home loans" and I was really impressed. Turns out it's from AC:NL"
added Uno (XBOX360) to his own list
likes koffing's status update: "I am high and guess what I found out? I am going to be a daddy!"