History and politics are my life, which I implement in what I write. I have yet to get anything published but I plan on changing that in the near future with the novel I'm writing.

Notable Quotes:

Big_BossNS: *bleep* you khaoki.

sabre220: Thanks for that, You corrected me without sounding overly aggresive unlike some others. Being corrected can only make you more intelligent.

NeoConservie: The one percent [intelligent people on forum] of course being you, me, Cyborg Pancake and Triforceofwisdom.

Various: you seem cool enough for me to grace your presence.

Axarcrie: *bleep*ing awesome


Working on my writing projects, among other things.


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Review: White Noise - Khaoki Movie Reviews - White Noise

Jan 17, 2005

Luckily, this movie was completely overly-hyped like The Grudge, so I was expecting as much when I saw it... so I couldn't be disapointed as much. Anyway... White Noise seems to be more of a lesson movie than entertainment movie. The movie shows...

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