To eat pizza or to eat more pizza. Those are the options :P
Eat or be Eaten.
got call of duty ghosts as an early christmas gift from my parents YESSS!
Happy Holidays!
IM BACK! To find 17 notifications O.0
Why did I watch the lyrics video of ananconda O.0
I got a mic for the xbox 360 for FIVE DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi, I was gonna post this on my wall, but it says I "can't blog yet", so, I'm sticking it on yours.. :D
*sneaks on to neoseeker* No one will notice my absence *looks around*
5th grade is gonna be soo much fun :D
Why do people puts noses in their smiley faces?
I am getting worse and worse at blogging.
I seriously need to stop writing in caps if i want to act mature again
erm.. uh... i... well... umm.... what was i even trying to say?
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