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Jun 22, 10 7:17pm

I had a feeling that you got these from a list somewhere, haha. You kept them coming and it was nice while it lasted. read more

Jun 20, 10 10:23am

Good that it got you thinking. Did it actually change your life? read more

Midnight Cat
May 31, 09 10:38pm

This series will be over in 6. Wings repeat read more

The Don
May 30, 09 3:00am

Go Wings. I'd go gay for Zetterberg's awesome hair. <3 read more

The Don
May 27, 09 4:18am

You'll be crying for a couple more years. read more

Section 9
May 24, 09 7:32am

Makes me cry the Leafs aren't in there read more

Armed Rebel
Apr 17, 09 5:53am


I actually pick them for a sweep. read more

The Don
Apr 14, 09 2:27am

Not if Osgood doesn't get his shit together. read more

Apr 13, 09 10:57pm

It's gonna all come down to Boston vs. Detroit. read more