Not much to tell, just a guitar playing wierdo with too much time on his hands. Well, here's the origin of my name:

Kentucky Fried Rat (1970s- present)
A woman ate a fried rat mixed in with a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. If the company responded, no trace of its campaign remains. The current spokespeople will not divulge the secrets of their predecessors; they respond to in-quiries simply by saying, "a rumor’s a rumor." A new email variant of the story explains that KFC’s recently abbreviated name has little to do with the unhealthiness of fried foods. Because of freakish genetic modifications, the restaurant can no longer legally advertise its product as "chicken." The company quickly denied this story on its web site.

And now for your reading pleasure, the K-Mart Snakes:

Is that a rodent in your beer?
Brian Boling reviews contamination rumors

Kmart Snakes (late 1960s)
While shopping at Kmart, a woman put her hand in a Taiwanese coat (or blanket) and felt the prick of serpent fangs. Kmart tried to locate the victim, enlisting Detroit newspapers, which published the negative results of their investigations. The company also called a herpetologist to ask if a snake could survive a journey from the Far East. (The snake later moved to the ball pit at a fast-food restaurant playground.)


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