Kent is a fagit, period.ou

SO I broke 2 ammies today cuz I´m a total noob. Anyways, came by to tell you that k thx bai.

Yóurs trully,
Xere the Mog
hey kent well decided to stamp your guestbook because i got my first stamp. well see ya

Hello, Yes, Your Amazing and wonderful friend GT is turning 13 tomorrow, so to wish her a happy bithday sign her guestbook now! Also, her stamp(the original, the only)

Signed By Game_Tester. Sign Back Tomorrow Wish HEr Happy 13th Birthday!
Hey, You got Stamped... Oh Wait. I Dont Got a Stamp. PM Me For How I Get One. THX!

Sign My Guestbook Now.

It appears I Have to Have 125 Characters. I Do Now!
It's me riku just wanted to stop by and say wats up and say that u have been a good friend to me so i had to sign my favorite animalcrossingwildworld buddys guestbook
see ya riku24

Woot! You are my newest Neofriend!

I think you're awesome along with my other neofriends! lol
i singed it cos u told me to in ure message in the forum. see u around m8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bye bye bye lol
i am signing this for making a great pokemon trainer card insted of spending quality time in the sun. thanx slill not 125 REACH FOR THE STARS.
Kent is awesome, cool, creative, generous with his timem and altogether fun! Best designer and great boss too! He is the bestest ever!

Heyy i was new and u helped alot thanks for the job!! I am glad that i got in contact with you in the forums know just to see if i can get to knwo u better!! thanks thanks thanks thanks!!!! JENNY
Have fun using the generator, and being on the Forum.I enjoy having new members here and like meeting them! Have fun.

I would look for my stamp, but too damn lazy. See you around the forums.

PIKAPIKA910 for blue rescue team mod =D

By the way, nice stamp =p
I signed your guestbook as a fellow roleplayer! And your sig said I should, so I did.

First to sign!!!
See you around!