Quetzalcoatl Kent
Aug 6, 12 5:49pm
Kent is a fagit, period.ou

SO I broke 2 ammies today cuz I´m a total noob. Anyways, came by to tell you that k thx bai.

Yóurs trully,
Xere the Mog
Orlando Kent
Jun 28, 07 11:07pm
hey kent well decided to stamp your guestbook because i got my first stamp. well see ya

game_testerWB1 Kent
Jun 7, 07 6:59pm
Hello, Yes, Your Amazing and wonderful friend GT is turning 13 tomorrow, so to wish her a happy bithday sign her guestbook now! Also, her stamp(the original, the only)

Signed By Game_Tester. Sign Back Tomorrow Wish HEr Happy 13th Birthday!
Legend Of Nothing Kent
Jun 3, 07 2:09am
Hey, You got Stamped... Oh Wait. I Dont Got a Stamp. PM Me For How I Get One. THX!

Sign My Guestbook Now.

It appears I Have to Have 125 Characters. I Do Now!
riku24 Kent
May 4, 07 12:01am
It's me riku just wanted to stop by and say wats up and say that u have been a good friend to me so i had to sign my favorite animalcrossingwildworld buddys guestbook
see ya riku24
jimbob1710 Kent
May 2, 07 8:41pm

Woot! You are my newest Neofriend!

I think you're awesome along with my other neofriends! lol
Gyrados70 Kent
Apr 23, 07 9:55pm
i singed it cos u told me to in ure message in the forum. see u around m8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bye bye bye lol
lara croft star Kent
Apr 22, 07 2:10pm
i am signing this for making a great pokemon trainer card insted of spending quality time in the sun. thanx slill not 125 REACH FOR THE STARS.
Strwberry713 Kent
Apr 18, 07 12:26am
Kent is awesome, cool, creative, generous with his timem and altogether fun! Best designer and great boss too! He is the bestest ever!

Powerpuff1100 Kent
Apr 18, 07 12:08am
Heyy i was new and u helped alot thanks for the job!! I am glad that i got in contact with you in the forums know just to see if i can get to knwo u better!! thanks thanks thanks thanks!!!! JENNY
growlitheking Kent
Mar 31, 07 2:28am
Have fun using the generator, and being on the Forum.I enjoy having new members here and like meeting them! Have fun.

Mar 26, 07 7:33am
I would look for my stamp, but too damn lazy. See you around the forums.

PIKAPIKA910 for blue rescue team mod =D

By the way, nice stamp =p
Spyro Kent
Mar 23, 07 4:44am
I signed your guestbook as a fellow roleplayer! And your sig said I should, so I did.

First to sign!!!
See you around!