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Kenshuma Hiyuu

Kenshuma Hiyuu

Known as the son of the Blade Lord. I'm half Chaos Child and half Guardian. My mom was killed by my father. I'm currently seeking to defeat him and reclaim the soul of my mother along with my sister, Ceil. My weapons of choice are the dual lances named Deint. I'll defeat my father and find a way to help Ellio end the war.

Age of Chaos

I think I already mentioned about my story. If I haven't, then my apologies(RUST) A world called Ragaea has been at war for a long time. Three different races have been fighting for Sovereignty. Humans, Demons, and Angels. But there is a race between the three, thats a mix between them all. The race was branded Chaos Children. They are feared throughout the land considering a story was told of a great catastrophe beginning if they were left alive long enough. Over the years, as they were born, they were instantly killed at birth. Within a certain century, the cycle of life was thrown off balance, and they were born sooner than expected. An unexpecting stranger stumbled upon three children and cared for them. As time went by, their existence became known, and their caretaker was slain. That day, as their powers awakened as the Chaos Children, the Massacre of Chaos took place. millions of each race were killed that day by their hands. Afterwards, they withdrew into their homeland, Riviera. Hoping that they wouldn't have to use their weapons again. Unfortunately, those who want revenge for the deaths of loved ones will not allow this to happen. Blue, Kuru, and Ellio will have to raise their swords to stop the war once and for all.

Blue Urishaki [Name] - Blue Urishaki

[History] - He's the second eldest of the Chaos Children. And also the second strongest of the planet Ragaea. He resides in Riviera. He's known as the Blade Lord by most, considering his ability to wield 12 swords at once. Blue has different personalities(alter egoes) that resides within him. During the Massacre of Chaos, he fought with the Seraph of Celestia, Avant, and the Demon Overlord of the Netherworld, Dark. Defeating them, and bouding their souls to his body was the work of Massacre. Blue has the most Massacre influence within him between the Chaos Children, and causes many problems throughout Ragaea because of it.

[Appearance] - Having long, cerulean colored hair that extends down to the knees of his leg. He wears a black headband across his forehead. Piercing cerulean colored eyes, and carameal colored skin. He looks the age of a 16 year old. His body stopped progressing when he reached that age. He's short, scaling that of 5'6, and weighs 120. He has a black scarf around his neck, that flows along with his long, blue trenchcoat. His trenchcoat has short sleeves, but a long length, and closed along the front. Limiters were placed upon both of his arms to suppress his powers. He wears black gloves on both hands for when he uses his fists. He also wears long, baggy, blue pants, which are mostly covered by his coat.

[ Personality ] - Blue normally doesn't care for the existence of those who don't say anything to him. If a word isn't spoken, he wouldn't notice you at all even if you were rite in front of him. Carefree attitude and randomly snappy. He has a strong hate for those with power, but abuse it to the point of tyranny. He has a very selective trust giving. He hates being betrayed more than anything. This affects the story dramatically.

[ Powers/Abilities ] -
Ellio Kusanagi [Ellio Kusanagi] - The Terror of Lightning was the title given to him by those who have fallen to the hands of his alter ego. Ellio is the most unstable of the Chaos Children. He doesn't know the words "shut up". He loves fighting and eating. But really loathes being called stupid by his older siblings. During his journey to stop the war, he becomes attached to the realm of Celestia. Which puts him in tight spots quite a lot. His specialty is the power of instant shift.

Kuru Satasu Kuru Satasu: He doesn't have a title considering he's only remembered for slaying on eyesight if attacked. Kuru isn't as talkative as his younger siblings and has no concern for the wellbeing of Ragaea. His only concern is the wellbeing of Blue and Ellio. He's the most powerful of the Chaos Children and on the world of Ragaea. He never lifts his sword considering every movement puts a lot of strain on his body. His eternal clock is tuned to his power. He's not meant to make it to the age of 50. His weapons are the Dual Heavy Blades, Kuroko Edge.

Whenever I advance my studies up to the point where I can make an alternate page to view the actual story, I put a link to it here.

Neo Friends
[Slepten] He's a kid who was skipped way to high school. He has a weird obsession with Boo(the ghost from Mario lol) He's one of my old crew members in the Brawl forums, called Blades of Vanity. When having a conversation with him, expect a lot of spam lol. Its like, the best thing to ever do with people. His character in Age of Destiny/Chaos is called Slepten of course. He uses a pole as a weapon and sides with Kenshuma against the Tyrant of the world, Blue. He's like my best friend left in Blades of Vanity. He also makes these darn Chaos Boo games. The link to the first one is just below this -_- Try it if you dare lol. If you wish to play the other versions(even harder >.>) just pm me or him. I'll update the list with more requests that I get.
[Chaos Boo 2]

Jackal Werejackal: He's not originally from neoseeker. He came and invaded the Dawn and Dusk forums. He basically destroyed everyone when he first came. Including myself >.> After a while, we became good friends and battling partners. He still holds >>>>>>>>> wins than I do -_-

Hikari: This guy is seriously like my double. Just quite a bit smarter than I am. I respect him for his analyzing skills. Anyway, he's another one of those bastards that came to invade Neo while I resided in the Dawn/Dusk forums. And once again, killed me in our first match -_- Unlike Jackal's random teams, he has one set team which every one based the meta-game off of. But for some odd reason, they still couldn't manage to beat it. Our last match lasted an hr and ended with both of us running out of MP lol. That was the longest I've ever had to actually use my brain -_-


Shisui: I can no longer really call this guy one of my students. So, I'm calling him a graduate =D Anyway, he's Zero's brother and quite a determined fighter. He trains almost as hard as Kuru does -_- He's never tired of fighting and always hoping to get better. He's one of those people you can't really get mad at. At least I haven't yet. His character in Age of Chaos resembles his real self. But really just an imitation of Vergil from Devil May Cry 3.


Rust: He was one of the first people I brawled on Neo. And slowly became one of my best friends here. He's as much as a grammar addict as I am. He proofreads my book's chapters for me considering I suck at getting things right the first time. He's an awesome person to have as a friend. And also gives a lot of ideas for my story as well. He's really good at roleplaying as well. His character put into the book is called Basis. A playful child created by the human scientist, Daku.


This section is dedicated to those who have walked through the darkened doors of Riviera. It wasn't many of them, but meh. That's why they're here.

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