First to congratulate you on getting on T.V. I hate you.

Picture picture picture....


Go win some money for me!
just to help get to pg 3
did it cuz i was bored...lloyd freak
okay i'm signing it, and you get two pictures that are not mine!

i'm signing your gb cause u told me so lol
and don't forget,Flareburst fights for his homies!

I never actually thought anyone would find that link.

anyway thanks for signing my guestbook. cheers

Stamp! brawl meh sometime
(sheesh finaly found something that fits >.>)
Well first of all I just need to clarify one thing. I bloody hate arrows >.>

And it's your fault so feel lucky you still get my super special awsome stamp of epic win.

And remember to be nice to people ken, it makes the world want to smile

Nah. Your a cool guy Ken. Glad I got to know you a bit. You better stay good at brawl or my Pit is going to have to replace yous

I see u alot, and i felt i needed to stamp you

yesh! now ur ma brawl slave (no comments)

and no, even in a stamp u can't avoid ma end siggy

I've seen you in Tales of the Abyss and again in Tales of Symphonia II forum and you seem like cool person so I've decided to stamp/sign your guestbook.

I saw your sig and clicked the link. And here's a stamp to show you what I felt like.

I've also seen you around the forums, so I figured why not.
By the Marshmallow God himself

Real Marshmallows, not the pink kind

Hey Kenshuma. You are one of my brawl heros and I thought I should sign your book. See you around.

yeah, you have real skill in Brawl, I guess spamming doesn't mean you have no skill. I'll try to play you as much as I can when i don't have lag. but yeah, just thought I'd sign here.
one day i'll beat u!!!
lol that will be the day i will avenge all the people who lost to u!
>.< this is how i will celebrate!! (-'.'-)

I'm lost,scared...but not like you are of Slepten's Sheik!Na jk,unless you are afraid and you consider that a compliment then I support it!

Anyways...try the ballon on me again and you'll see that Pit,Oli,or Diddy will pop it.Unfortunately your Pit,who crippled my character[s],well sort of,has yet to meet my Oli,or Crush him,Rpg couldn't with his Oli,what makes you think you can?

[To Crush my Oli you have to not only 2-stock me,you have to do it without items,any outside help,and you MUST end with damage of 55% or less.Hard huh?]

I will join your crew,you'll'll all see...

Oh,and 2ND signing!
Yaw, first sign!
You're and awesome crew leader, even though nothing has really happened yet.
Someday, your phobia of sheik will be too much, and you will all in shame... haha!

Just remember... BOO