Message to all friends, I got a new 3DS and my new FC is 3368-2740-3411. You can delete my old on and please add this one.
OMG, I really need Poke Bank!!!!

My Shiny Team is complete as of Saturday. Thanks to all who have helped me get my shinies, you guys are the best. God Bless You All. P.S. For tomorrow, Happy New Years!!!!!!
I'm still waiting for Poke Bank to work so I can transfer some Pokemon from my Pokemon Black to my Pokemon Y!!!!!!
I really need Shiny Noibat!!!! Anyone got one that they can trade?
When will Poke Bank work???????????
My friend safari is rock with dwebble, magcargo, and barbaracle.
I love to play Pokemon, Watch Naruto, and go on the computer. I also like to play basketball!
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