My gosh, I need something decent on my profile. I looked so young when I wrote those last two (now deleted) blog posts. And my neohome at the moment is just a mess of all those "copy and paste this if you believe in such and such" and is incredibly tacky. I think I'm going to have a look around at other member's neohomes and see what they do with them.

But yeah other than that, life is going pretty good. A bit busy, but good. I haven't had as much time for neoseeker as I have in the past, but wanting to help out with the Harvest Moon wiki pages has helped me get back into neo ^^

Hmmm gaming related. The game I'm playing most at the moment is Harvest Moon: A New Beginning. I also have Final Fantasy I ongoing~ I bought a guy's Final Fantasy collection off of craigslist recently, so I have plenty of FF games (and they all came with strategy guides!!!) :D

I-I don't really know how to end this, but uhh... I'll try to become more active here on neo and try to redeem myself from my mid-teen self who posted before ^^;




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