I am 13 years old and go to a secondary school called "The john fisher school", which is a roman catholic school for boys.I hope to graduate from secondary, go to scotland (as i am half-scottish and therefore qualify for education benfits) and get some degrees, i then hope to then fly to america and join the police and then hopefully join S.W.A.T. This is the only thing i have ever wanted to do as i don't really want to join the army (too many casualties:P) but wanted to be in on the action.

I was born in st.guys hospital in southwark,london at 5:37 in the morning of the 28th of September 1993.

I play football for a team which just won the championship, i play goalkeeper and am the captain.We are now aiming for a 5th-3rd place in our new division.I play rugby as a prop for john fisher, but unfortunetly the season is over.I now play athletics specializing in throwing,particularly discus.I am very interested in trying out american football as well.

I have one sister,her name is Zizi (no im not lying this is a name i chose when i was two :D) a mum, scottish dad and a trusty (if sometimes naughty) golden-retriever called polo after her white coat.She is very loyal and is always very loving (even though she's a dog :P)

Well thats me b sure to PM me if you want to be friends or know me by some random coincedence.


I play football,rugby and discus at (respectivley) club,school and ametuer levels. My favourite games ar the hitman series, gta series, pro evo series and total war series. I love animals especially dogs.


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