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Keane Ingram
Mar 5, 10 7:23am
I got 119 stars but a bug meant I couldn't get the final star :-( SuperMario64DS
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  • "after a couple of action replay codes too many I wound up destroying t, but started a new file and reached 150 stars. YAY! SuperMario64DS"
    Shilz Oct 25, 13 7:52pm
  • "a remastered version of the nintendo 64 version. the same thing with better graphics. good game! SuperMario64DS"
    Curtzilla Jul 23, 12 9:23pm
  • "Good ole' 64. Not on the 64. SuperMario64DS"
    Lone Lab Feb 27, 12 2:35pm
  • "i love t when Yoshi eats up the bunnys and they say 'Im high in cholestrol. I dont think you should eat me' SuperMario64DS"
    Theo123 Nov 11, 11 9:16pm
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