Been a long time since I played a proper console game! Restricted to mobile games these days...
Completed Modern Warfare 3, now working my way through Black Ops 2.
Finally finished Skyward Sword! It took me 10 months, but I hadn't played it since April. The joys of parenthood...
Started playing Uplink on my tablet, getting addicted...
Finished it! What a great game. SecretOfMana SNES
Finally completed Secret of Mana! Not sure what to play now...
Got all the elementals in Secret of Mana, getting close to the end! #SecretofMana #SNES
I found the game a bit slow to begin with but now I'm addicted and really enjoying it! SecretOfMana SNES
Really enjoying Secret of Mana, just got Flammie :-)
Just got the sprite in Secret of Mana!
Finished Another World, now starting Secret of Mana...
Finally finished Yoshi's Island. Now playing Another World on my phone.
30 hours into Skyward Sword now. Desperately trying to avoid Mass Effect 3 spoilers...
Now around 23 hours into Skyward Sword, wish I could spend more time playing...
I'm 19 hours into Skyward Sword and loving it!
Completed it at long, long, long last. FinalFantasyXIII X360
FINALLY finished FF13, now playing GTA: The Lost and Damned.
Still working my way through the Tesseracts on FF13... almost there...
Now on the final chapter of FF13, it's been a long time coming!
Still going with FF13, but played a fair bit of Black Ops in the mean time.

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