Red Jinjo Kazooieman
May 15, 09 3:37pm
Hey. I don't really check my guestbook very often and I just found out that you signed mine, so I'm just signing back!

Oh, here's a picture.

i love harvest moonn Kazooieman
May 13, 09 5:54pm
Hello! I'm on a guestbook signing spree today! Your the one who gave me the idea to start a signing spree today! so...


Your my 8th guest book signing spree sign i've made so far! my goal is to atleast hit 100 guest book signing spree signs and ever more! That means i need 100 mod guestbook signing spree signs and 100 non-mod guestbook signing spree signs and that makes 200! I need 2 more for non-mod guestbook signing spree signs to hit 10 guestbook signing spree signs and 2 more mod guestbook signing spree signs to hit 5 guestbook signing spree signs! Holy lots of guestbook signing spree signs that i have typed 0_0 Oh well!

Slashdragon Kazooieman
Apr 18, 09 4:39pm

This is what I found when I searched "Scary". Anyway, because you signed mine, I signed yours. Have a nice day!
Weldar Kazooieman
Dec 26, 07 12:23am
Well it's christmas, have a stamp

Disclaimer: This stamp is not trying to offend you or Christmas in any way, it is just meant to be a funny picture and it would like to apologise for any offecne it may have caused
Remino52 Kazooieman
Dec 09, 07 11:10am
This is my last signage of the day.But you should sign back that would be awesome.I can't wait to get galaxy.But any way ,TOOTLES!!!!!!!!!!
Weldar Kazooieman
Nov 03, 07 4:30pm
I've been on Neo for 1 year now, so i'm going and siging all my frineds gustbook's, and this time a have a stamp

PS. Now I am the champoin of the BT froum
Weldar Kazooieman
Sep 08, 07 12:46am
I haven't signed this thing yet, I'm quite surprised I could have sworn I did at one point. Anyway it looks like the banjo forums are dead and you are the champion of the BT forum with the most posts. I was surprised how many posts of a spam I had there oh well bye
Mr Sponget Kazooieman
Jul 25, 07 3:34am

I've been signing guestbooks. Enjoy. banjo kazooie 3 better get some damn info sooner or later
The Ghostly Soldier Kazooieman
Jun 18, 07 12:14am
im gonna die if i dont sign this? well i dont think ill die if i dont. just ask my close personal friend (pic below)

hilol Kazooieman
Apr 26, 07 2:48am
well you id somthin like im gonna die if i dont sign ur guest book again so i signed....again anyways sign my guest book again lol and can nyone else sign it?
hilol Kazooieman
Apr 22, 07 7:57pm
kazooieman hey thought id sign you guestbook you are really nice and cool thanks for making the first annual banjo awards they are the best!ummm well youve always been nice and you know alot about banjo games anyway goodbye
Palatine Kazooieman
Feb 04, 07 10:13pm
Hi, I saw you around somewhere and just wanted to sign your guestbook...
Don't forget to sign back and take part in my Best Game Character competition.

so i signed now... i don't die?
reddyster Kazooieman
Jan 25, 07 11:53pm
..........hi do you know how to make games? and why do you have such a wierd picture for your profile?

just thought i would ask some questions.
the sorcerous is fat Kazooieman
Jan 26, 06 1:39am
hi kazooiman, just thought (since ya in the spyro threds) id sign ya book! U r pretty cool 2! I like ure ideas 4 spyro 2...keep it up!

*the sorcerous is fat*
my real name's Jess by the way