Kazooieman blogged
Dec 16, 09 8:44pm

Absolutely can't wait for 2010

There are so many games coming out next year that i'll be getting on release.

Super Mario Galaxy 2
Pokemon Heart Gold
Star Wars: Force Unleashed II
Aliens vs. Predator
I am Alive (hopefully)

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Star of Spurs Dec 20, 09
I've got 53 on my want list, renting or buying.
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Kazooieman Dec 30, 09
Will youhave enough money? xD
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acevus Dec 29, 09
*bleep* yes, Bayonettta.

FF13, Heavy Rain, White Knights Chronichles, Bioshock 2... ohgod the list goes on and on. Bring on 2010, year of great videogames.
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Kazooieman Dec 30, 09
GEEZ, I forgot FFXIII! =0
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