Basic rundown of my room at my mum's house. I have a Mac Pro which I got for $50 instead of the usual $2000 because I bought it off my art co-ordinator at school. 2009 design but everything is absolutely perfect with it, nothing is wrong at all. Running next to that bad boy in comparison is an incredibly old XP computer my uncle got at his weekly computer meet, still I use it to hold all of his torrented television series'. Then just last week my uncle came in and told me he got a Mac Pro at the meet but a couple of things were missing inside like the memory so we tore it open and salvaged all the remaining parts - now I have spares of almost everything with my Mac! xD

I have also decided to stay more active on Neoseeker as well. Lately I've noticed that a lot of my Neofriends that left 1+ years ago have suddenly decided to log on, which has given me an incentive to post a lot like I used to 2005-10 era. More threads, more posts, more activity!

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All I want for christmas? My Khaleesi <3

There are so many games coming out next year that i'll be getting on release.

Super Mario Galaxy 2
Pokemon Heart Gold
Star Wars: Force Unleashed II
Aliens vs. Predator
I am Alive (hopefully)

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Can't wait for Darksiders
Soooooo tired...... =(

My speakers have just broken for like the third time. They now only have a low sound whilst on the highest volume and the sounds only come out on the left speaker; which is considerably further apart from the right one which makes it sound weird. Most of the time it's solved by pulling the plug out of my speaker and computer and putting it in and turning it to a certain degree, which took forever last time trying to figure it out. Argh, why can't my computer be like a normal, only breaks down once a year or so computer. >_<

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Well my computer has just recently gotten fixed by my uncle but he forgot to let me (the admin of my computer) be able to open .exe files. Not to worry except for the fact that I need to install 2 programs and do things on them before school starts in 1 week. I can't ring my uncle because he's away on holidays at the moment, so does anybody know how to fix it?

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Finally after many months of having to use my Wii's internet (which I couldn't use to edit the Banjo-Kazooie Wiki), my parents have finally bought a new computer.

Now time to go all out on the BK Wiki again.

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My computer is broken so I have to use my Wii's shitty, point and click internet. :(

Hopefully my parents will buy a new one in the next couple of weeks.

wii pc technology neoseeker related

Yay, now I can go on whatever shit I like on my PC and I can play my DS and Wii again. Funnily enough today was also my last day of school for the year.

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this is my favourite game if i sell it, it will be for alot. BanjoKazooie N64
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