just thought i woul sing your gb and you better sign bacl^_^anyway later and see you aroung lounging.dunno what else to say damn 125 character thing

You've been stamped by Cira.

Just following what your sig says man. Hope ya sign mine later when ya get a chance. See you in the forums. Keep on gaming.
Jian, eh? Joe needs to get some *bleep*ing diapers for *bleep* sake. Does he wet the *bleep*ing bed every night? Now I know why you guys got new beds - Joe's piss leaked through the mattress ruining the springs.
well, you signed mine.. so I'll sign yours and bla.... so yeah.. lalalalalalalalalalalala IhopeIreach125characterssoon lalalalalalalalalalalalal ithinkididnow lalalalalalalala Bye!

Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.