Arsenal09 Kaziaa
Dec 26, 06 6:12am
just thought i woul sing your gb and you better sign bacl^_^anyway later and see you aroung lounging.dunno what else to say damn 125 character thing
Cira the Dracon Kaziaa
Feb 25, 06 6:25am

You've been stamped by Cira.

Just following what your sig says man. Hope ya sign mine later when ya get a chance. See you in the forums. Keep on gaming.
Scarchelli Kaziaa
Dec 30, 02 10:11am
Jian, eh? Joe needs to get some *bleep*ing diapers for *bleep* sake. Does he wet the *bleep*ing bed every night? Now I know why you guys got new beds - Joe's piss leaked through the mattress ruining the springs.
Stans new slave Kaziaa
Dec 30, 02 6:51am
well, you signed mine.. so I'll sign yours and bla.... so yeah.. lalalalalalalalalalalala IhopeIreach125characterssoon lalalalalalalalalalalalal ithinkididnow lalalalalalalala Bye!
Covert_ops Kaziaa
Dec 21, 02 9:06pm

Amourette Kaziaa
Oct 2, 02 1:32am
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.