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My mum was married to a phyco to say the least. I knew he wasn't a good person but I found out a few things the other

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Join my Army!
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May 8, 15 1:18pm

Completed this classic! Can anyone relate to playing old games due to their child hood? This game is not hard or anything or that nature, but playing this games gave me awesome memory's of my dad watching me play it and helping me get past the "difficult bits".

What games old games do you guys get that warm fuzzy feeling with?

I'm get them with PS1, NES and even PS2 games!
Bugs life, Tomb Raider, Harry potter and The Adventures of LoLo (NES) are big ones for me ❤

I can't believe this game came out 14 years ago, I was 6 then!

harrypotter ps1 psx
May 7, 15 5:34pm
Waiting for the election results are intence.
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Feb 4, 15 8:30am

I do like being on camera when I'm live on Twitch because when I watch other people and their on cam I feel a connection going on between the audience and the streamer.
But I also feel uncomfortable... I love all the attention and all that but at the same time I hate it.

I hate it because people say girls do it only for the attention, I don't and many girls don't, I personally do it to connect with people and play the game but I feel like in some cases people don't take the game seriously and watch because "it's a girl".
Then it make it feel pointless to me...

So I've decide to focus on my YouTube more :D

I'm game capturing and commentating for game walkthrough's and I don't go on cam at all! <3
The difference is I feel like I'm putting in some work with the play and editing and I may help someone that needs help, even if it is one person I feel like I can do what I want and don't fall in to the category of "attention whore girl gamer".

It's crazy to think that some people think that girls shouldn't be playing games, I've seen all sorts of comments on YouTube and it's crazy.

The downside to me doing this YouTube thing is my the way I talk, for some reason even though I know what I want to say another word comes out.. I think it's something to do with my dyslexia and lack of sociel connection.
Yes I can kind of spell so I'm not incredibly dyslexic, but when I was 16 I was still learning how to spell they and what it meant. Spell check is wonderful xD

So what do you think about girls playing games? Has some girls just given the rest of us a bad name? Or is it a case that boys do boy things (console games, action men and army) and girls should do girl things (make-up, barbie and dress up)?!?!?!
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At least I thought it was funny xD skyrim TheElderScrolls5SkyrimSpecialEdition
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Jan 13, 15 12:45pm

I've taken a short break from streaming with all the drama that's been going on in my own house!

Basically I refused to clean until my boyfriend helped out so I cleaning and it was a complete tip in a few day's, I couldn't cope with the mess and it made me ill from restraining to clean. I've done a massive clean and I'm starting to feel much better!

My stream will continue in a couple of days :)

Nov 11, 14 8:34am
The new expansion for World of Warcraft is coming out at midnight tonight!
Sep 6, 14 9:10pm
KaytiieeM <3
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Feb 9, 14 8:21pm

I play Ashe and Lux
I prefer playing Lux as mid rather than bottom support.
And Ashe is great at Bot ADC

I would like to get and learn Jinx and Ahri. I prefer attack champions rather than champions that need ability after playing Lux. LeagueOfLegends
Feb 9, 14 8:16pm
Good game LANoire
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Jul 19, 13 5:07pm

Nintendogs is a the best simulated game that have been made to perfection. Not only is it just great graphics but it has the real life elements to bringing up a dog! The only thing is, you can't have puppies and I don't die, but why would you want your virtual dog to die and also why wouldn't you want your dog to have puppies... DAMN YOU NINTENDO! Also the time you need to take out of your day to look after you dog is a bit annoying as well, of course you can leave your dog to starve if you have plans for the night, But don't worry your dog will still be their when you go back on it because Nintendogs never die! But they do like to run away and eat from a bin if you don't feed it.

So that's probably the only downfall you have to this game,

The three competitions you can enter are

- Obedience
- Agility
- Disc Throwing

You get to teach your dog 3 tricks everyday, they get harder the more you progress through the stages. To teach your dog a command for example you would make your dog come to you, swipe your styles down on the dog to make him/her sit and then click on the light bulb in the top right hand corner. You the will say the name of that command "Sit". After you have done that a few times it will learn the command and you won't have to make it sit down anymore by using your styles, you would only have to get your dogs attention and say "sit" and he/she will sit down.

To start your training for agility you would have to go to the gym. When you take your dog for a walk it's the first building to your right and slightly down. When you walk your dog to the gym you will be able to practice jumping over the things and running through the tunnels, on the 2nd stage you will and a bigger things to jump over and a see-saw to run over. The 3rd stage you will have to run between some posts. To make your dog successful at this, make sure you take your dog to the gym after completing each of the first three stages, Also make sure your dog is confident with the obstacles before you start your race.

The best place to teach your dog about catching a Frisbee is in the park, continue to throw is to the dog and call your dog back using its name. NintendogsDalmatianandFriends
Jul 19, 13 10:35am
What do people think of SlenderMan
Jul 18, 13 4:58pm
Great christmas tradition :) BuzzQuizTV
Jul 15, 13 6:28pm
It's so adorable! BabyPals
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Jul 15, 13 6:12pm

Graphics are great, different things to do, everyday is different such as special days and holidays BUT the main idea of this game is to earn money... your constantly paying a prick that insists you have your house bigger! When I was younger it actually taught me about interest and loans so I guess it's also a good game to buy for your children that want to learn. I don't find it's that fun because it reminds me of the real life... but it's addictive -__- omg really gaming AnimalCrossingWildWorld

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